This is also why I named podcasts among the marketing opportunities not to be missed this year! Conclusion Digital marketing will never stop evolving. In a year, the opportunities to be seized will very certainly be different. Today, LinkedIn is probably the easiest social network to be visible, without paying Facebook or stripping yourself Instagram. Gary Vaynerchuk, the world benchmark for social networks, has been saying this loud and clear for months as well . I take these words from you LinkedIn marketing is something I really, really believe in for 2019. Now, it’s become more of a content platform. It’s where Facebook was at 5-7 years ago. Gary Vaynerchuk has a reputation for being right on his predictions, so grab this opportunity if you don’t want to regret it in a year or 2 years.

I told you about click-to-Messenger ads, my favorite ads for starting a real conversation with the people who matter to you. Yes, digital ads are also interactive, contrary to what you might think Finally, podcasts are really popular! You could start by interviewing influential people in your industry or producing short, helpful episodes on a daily basis.It would be great if the Argentina Phone Numbers List majority of your website visitors bought on their first visit, right? If it were, I would already be rich! Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. The attention and confidence of Internet users is extremely limited today, so much so that 98% of visitors to a website leave it without buying anything on their first visit.


Why not create your own?

These Statista figures also show the average conversion rate of e-commerce sites in the USA. As you can see, it is rather low and it includes people who have visited the website one or more times. To put things in context, let’s take the example of a clothing store . Do you really think that 98% of people  Surely not ! I would say it would be more in the order of 50 or 70% . Why ? Because unlike an online store, the person can ask the seller for advice, ask his opinion on a particular outfit, ask questions, etc. Online it is much more difficult. The Internet user who observes the products on your site certainly has objections to the purchase. If no one is there to answer it, it will leave your site very quickly and never come back. What if there was a way to communicate with this person again? You probably guessed that I was going to tell you about retargeting.

If you are not familiar with retargeting, let me explain it to you in a few words. This is a fairly common digital marketing practice of showing a specific advertising message to people who have been exposed to your brand at least once. It’s an extremely effective practice for winning back your site visitors and converting them into customers, newsletter subscribers, social media fans, and even brand ambassadors. Of course, you can imagine that this marketing technique requires technical adjustments, in particular the installation on your site of a tracking code such as the Facebook pixel or the Google remarketing pixel I will not go into details in this article. . The important thing to understand about retargeting is that to be successful, you can’t just retarget people who visited your site in the last 180 days with the same ad.

who go there for the first time won’t buy?

Perhaps this will be effective for a few days and for a few people those who had the strongest intention to buy. In the long run, you run the risk of annoying your dear visitors . To avoid that, I’ve prepared 7 easy ways for you to improve your Facebook or Instagram retargeting campaigns, whether you’re a complete beginner or a regular practitioner of this fabulous marketing technique. 1 Understand your customer journey In its simplest form, the customer journey is a series of stages through which an individual goes from being a stranger to being a buyer. The Hubspot company conceptualizes it in 3 main sentences Knowledge I realize I have a problem Evaluation I’m looking for potential solutions .

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