In reality, the problem is deeper. It may simply be that the offer is not attractive or not suitable for the target or that it is not the right time. For example, if you give me 5% off your items and I have to walk 30 minutes to get to your store, I probably won’t budge from my chair. On the other hand, if you offer to deliver my order to me for free in 3 days if I buy for more than 80 €, there is more chance that I will take out the credit card. It’s because you made me an offer that I could hardly refuse. On the other hand, if we don’t know each other at all and you offer me your services directly with a Facebook advertisement, I won’t give you my attention either, and even less my contact details!

My second secret is this offer (very) attractive offers tailored to your target, at the right time. Offer several offers at each stage of your sales funnel Don’t limit yourself to one offer, make several. Your goal is to satisfy everyone: Reach out to El Salvador Email List people who don’t know you and share your solutions with them Reach people who already know you and offer them more commercial offers For awareness campaigns, offer low-risk offers . At this point, you just want to market your brand and your solutions. The sale is for later This is what I do to attract new subscribers to my Newsletter . I promote my guides to people who don’t know me or have already read one of my articles. It works very well.

El Salvador Email List
El Salvador Email List

Your goal is to satisfy everyone

I could also offer to read an article, but I prefer to collect email addresses this way. Until recently, this ad captured my attention. It offers a free conference bringing together Google, Hubspot, Facebook and SEMrush . How can I say no? I signed up, even though I know that they will try to sell me something there I have one more for you, but I don’t think you’re going to make that kind of an offer. Keytrade bank has made a name for itself with its sponsorship system. You know the story very well. Like Boursorama, the bank pays you when you create an account or sponsor someone. You saw him. You can really be very creative with your offers. It’s not the appearance of your offer that matters, it’s the value you bring.

Remember that the offer must also be made at the right time . If your audience isn’t yet “ready” for a commercial offer, they will likely ignore it. That’s why I was talking to you about adapting your offer to your audience. For audiences who know you a little better , you can be a little more direct or aggressive in your message. Obviously Grant Cardone is asking for my money, but the offer is definitely worth it. I have access to over 800 business lessons, 24/7. I’m not hiding it from you, I had a hard time saying no. By the way, look at the number of reactions, comments and shares on this ad. I don’t think I was the only one who was interested. This is the power of a good offer. When you value, people will gladly give you their attention and click on your ads.

Who know you a little better

Hootsuite , the all-in-one social media management software , also knows what its audience really wants before paying for its solution: try the paid version of the software and find out if it keeps all of its promises! If you didn’t know about Hootsuite, you probably wouldn’t mind this 60-day free trial. It is of less value to you since you do not know the software. Another tactic that I like to use for ecommerce stores is a discount code only available to people who started an order but didn’t complete it. 15% off, not a good deal if I don’t know your brand. On the other hand, this is exactly what will crack the person who was about to buy from you. In the event that I do not have a reduction offer to offer the consumer.

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