If you love data, you’ll love this month’s roundup of the biggest SEO news. Scraping and analysis tools are growing rapidly, and more people than ever are digging deep into data to give us the juiciest insights we’ve ever seen. Fittingly, this month’s roundup begins with a series of case studies that use up to millions of data points to reveal Then you will find the best guides of the month. They’ll teach you what to do next when Google isn’t indexing your site, how to safely use the disavow tool, and how to scale your low-budget campaigns when you’re ready for the big leagues. If the past month has been stressful for you, you’re not alone. A lot has gone wrong with search results and console tools.  Having all your eggs in one search engine basket is a big risk. Emergencies like these can be a helpful reminder.

What 1.1 Million People Say About How Google Ranks Content in 2019

Why analyze a thousand results when you could analyze a million? That’s probably what the Authority Hackers were thinking when they made this case study. They went so far as to create a custom crawler just to find out if the conventional wisdom of content creation held up. Keywords always make a huge difference, especially in metas, titles and headers The primacy of long-form Switzerland Phone Number content has more to do with room for strong keywords than the rewarded length itself. But then the site came back. Not slowly, not in response to action, but exactly a month later from when the penalty first arrived. An unannounced algorithm update and rollback really seems like the only credible answer. Fortunately, the work was not in vain. It inspired a “worst-case scenario” action plan that you might want to apply to your own sites.

Google Search Console Manual Actions Now Back After Disappearing

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Manual actions are quite frustrating when they happen to you. You or your customers may want them to go away. For about a day towards the very end of April, you could have made your wish come true. Unfortunately the traffic did not return as the manual action was lacking. Instead of being relieved of the penalty, site owners simply lost the ability to do anything from the console. Google is now reporting that the bug is fixed, so if you thought you beat a penalty, it might be time to check back and see if it came back. You may not be out of the woods after all. This was just the latest bug news in a hectic month. Another one resulted in weeks of seemingly random algorithmic penalties for hundreds of sites.


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