You can do the same! Eric and Neil explain that they get together one day a month to shoot 30 podcast episodes at once. They then delegate the editing of the podcast and the publication of the episodes. Aside from the jingle at the start and end of each episode, the entire episode is left raw. That’s about it for the production aspect! As with blogging and video, the key to a podcast’s success is consistency. Do not expect to see results for at least 6 months. You will need to be patient and make a regular appointment with your listeners. Keep in mind that podcasts are much less competitive than blogging or video. In theory, you should be able to make your way more easily with podcasts than video or blog posts.

The information is really relevant because it is essentially feedback from 2 marketing experts, Neil Patel and Eric Siu . It’s sometimes redundant, it’s true, but it’s interesting to see that the opinions of the 2 hosts evolve as digital marketing evolves. In my opinion, the Belarus Phone Numbers List real added value of this podcast is their flawless consistency . Every day, a new episode comes out and the more we listen to them, the more we have the feeling of knowing the 2 hosts personally. In addition, Neil Patel and Eric Siu do not hesitate to organize free events in Los Angeles each year to meet their listeners. Their podcast has over a million plays every month and it’s been around for almost 3 years.


Evolve As Digital Marketing Evolves

A podcast is also very suitable for carrying out real case studies and honest feedback. Blogging lends itself a little less and that’s a shame! Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Siu The 3 podcasts I presented to you offer episodes that last 20 minutes up to 1 hour, which is considered normal for a podcast episode. For some, 20 minutes is already too much and 1 hour of listening, we do not even talk about it. Marketing School is one of the podcasts that goes against the grain by offering every day, without exception, a short and direct 5 to 10 minute episode on digital marketing. This is probably the reason why this is one of my favorite podcasts.

He hosts the No Pay No Play podcast, a podcast that deciphers Facebook Instagram ads and their perpetual evolution. In his podcast, Joseph mainly offers educational content on Facebook advertising , which allows him to show that he has mastered his subject. It also invites entrepreneurs who have put Facebook advertising at the service of their business and sometimes even account managers from Facebook! Joseph’s episodes are full of tips, good advice, and on top of that, he takes the time to recap the Facebook Ads news for each episode. In my opinion, consultants and service business owners have the greatest interest in developing a podcast because it is one of the best ways to showcase their expertise.

A Podcast That Deciphers Facebook Instagram

Everyone benefits. In addition to rapidly developing his personal brand, Gabriel forges relationships with influential people in his industry. The interviewees are always happy to talk about it around them even more visibility for him. People potentially interested in his services listen to his podcast every week. Thanks to this podcast, Gabriel can speak skillfully about his Growth training and his own agency, all while developing his personal brand. In the USA, there are dozens of podcasts that work according to this model like the Smart Passive Income podcast , Entrepreneurs On Fire , Growth Everywhere , etc. No Pay No Play by Joseph Donyo Joseph Donyo is a consultant specializing in Facebook ads.

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