The only thing we can say for sure about Facebook’s changes and updates is the constant, constant change! On the one hand, innovation is a new opportunity for you and your organization’s marketing. Therefore, in 2022, we are preparing to report on major updates and changes. Made by Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Twitter bot accounts have been identified. Another way to make Twitter more user-friendly and informative is to introduce a new bot. As a result, for automated accounts, the developer can voluntarily add an Automated account to his or her account.

Twitter Bot Accounts Have Been Identified Another

Along with a new robot icon. It will also appear on users’ tweet feeds as’ automated. Instagram users have introduced a feature to like other people’s stories. This means they won’t send dm when they like a story. Instagram has introduced a new, easy-to-use feature that allows users to view other people’s stories and like them. In other words, you can like any story without Saudi Arabia Phone Number sending a dm. In the video above. Adam Mosseri shows a small heart in the lower right corner of the story. Which are the stories like button. New rules for Facebook shopping at a time when online shopping is becoming more common. Both Facebook and Instagram are focusing on their shopping features.

Instagram Users Have Introduced a Feature to Like

In this sense, Facebook has made some changes in this direction. It also updated the Commerce Policy, a rule that everyone who uses the shopping feature on Facebook must follow. If you run paid advertising, you must follow the Advertising Policy, and those using the Commerce Manager or Shop menu must accept the Merchant Agreement.

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