Since its release, Facebook live has been reaching more people than just video content. There are many advantages to live, such as a more lively feel and the ability to receive information from a hot spot. We can also  Germany Phone Number List to convert one-time live into a lot of content. It will be broadcast live on the same day. After the broadcast, you can have a watch party live. Even so, your live video content will remain available. You can also upload the video to your youtube channel . You can also extract audio from video content and create podcasts and audio programs. Also, if you blog, you can turn it into a blog post on a topic you talked about live. It’s useful to give us a lot of content live like this.

How to Choose a Topic the First Issue Is the Topic

How to choose a topic? The first issue is the topic. Finding the right and interesting topic takes up most of the work time. When creating any content, not just facebook live. We previously reported in a Germany Phone Number article on social media marketing content plan 2021. With free download examples and template files that good content. A preparation plan is the majority of a marketer’s work. As mentioned in the article, the choice of topic should be carefully calculated and purposeful content should be delivered. Late last year, I was tasked with starting my organization’s socialmediathursday facebook live and received a lot of support from my team.

What to Prepare Before Live Research Is Very Important

Germany Phone Number List

For example, if you talked about what to look for when making. A social media plan, you can talk about finding content ideas and how to present them correctly in the next life. As for me, I preferred to call them all in one number. It is also Germany Phone Number List important to provide good quality information to those. Who are watching live, but it is observed that the number of views tends to decrease. If it is too vague and it is not clear what they are talking about. According to foreign social media agencies, 7 minutes live is enough. We plan our social media thursday live to last approximately 35-60 minutes on just one specific topic.

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