SEO is important for your business if you want your site to be discovered on the web. It’s also a great way to sell yourself and gain site traffic. But when your business has multiple locations (like franchises), SEO strategy works a little differently. To gain Oman Phone Number visibility and business with locals, you will want to optimize what is called your local SEO. Local SEO is different from normal SEO because it takes your region into consideration. For example, when a customer searches for something that has local intent or identifies a specific location (e.g., city or county), search engines know that they are looking for a local business in a certain area or location. Ray.

Separate Landing Page

While it’s okay to have one domain for all locations, you’ll still need to take a few steps to optimize local SEO for each location so it can be found in local SERPs. Often, business owners create one main landing page for all of their shareable locations. While this may seem efficient (at least in terms of time), it doesn’t do much to optimize your chances of showing up on local searches. The tradeoff is to have one website, but allocate a different page for each business location. Each of your pages should contain information specific to that location. These include your business name, phone number, and address.

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Oman Phone Number List
Oman Phone Number List

And then you can go further to add other custom content specific to that location, like testimonials; names, faces and titles of staff; and all updates related to this location. Also, it helps to have a Google map embedded on the location page to show. Exactly where it is in relation to area streets and landmarks. Source of images On the back-end of each page, be sure to create location-specific title tags and meta descriptions. For example, you can put “San Francisco Barber Shop” in some form so that your chances of showing up in local queries are higher. Finally, you want to make sure that each of these pages can be discovered by Google.

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