The Facebook catalog is almost as important as the Facebook pixel for selling products with Facebook or Instagram advertising. You will need it to practice step 4 of this guide. Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending BOOK A CALL Step 2: Launch a customer acquisition campaign Whatever traffic your site is currently generating, you will need to invest a large portion of your advertising budget (60-80%) in acquisition campaigns. These campaigns aim to target people who do not know you and encourage them to visit your website, find out about your brand and what you are selling in order to possibly make a first purchase.

This strategy that you are going to employ is well known. It is all about bringing new people into your sales funnel. The awareness phase is when you will target strangers to make them aware of your brand and your products. The advantage of online business is that some people will buy from your site when they hardly know your brand. It is very rare in the field of services for example. Would you hire a Tajikistan Email List consultant you don’t know at all? Beyond the awareness phase, fewer and fewer people find themselves in the later phases of the customer journey, as this illustration from McKinsey & Company shows . From experience, I can tell you that customer acquisition (awareness) campaigns are NOT the most profitable, but that does not prevent you from having to invest your budget in them because they constantly bring back money.

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Tajikistan Email List

Whatever traffic your site is currently generating

New blood” on your website (then you will have a good basis for retargeting ). The profitability of customer acquisition campaigns varies from one industry to another. In the worst case, these campaigns allow you to match your investment (ROI = 1). At best, these campaigns are profitable and even profitable with ROIs above 200%. The pricing and the average amount of your baskets influence your return on investment. Contrary to popular belief, products that are expensive (more than 200 €) also sell very well with Facebook advertising and profitability is often there. Let’s move on to the practical and technical part now. In Facebook, running customer acquisition campaigns involves using goals like “traffic”, “conversion” or “catalog sales” to reach your target audience.

Personally, I never use the “traffic” objective for e-commerce awareness because the traffic generated on the site is of low quality (high bounce rate, low time on the site, etc.). So, I prefer to focus on the last 2 objectives oriented conversions and sales. When it comes to targeting, prioritize similar audience targeting as much as possible. This targeting is practically automatic. All you have to do is provide Facebook with your customer database so they can find people who look like them but don’t know you. ( PRO tip : if you’re already using lookalike audiences, we – DHS Digital – have noticed that 2% or 3% lookalike audiences deliver better long-term acquisition results than lookalike audiences with the highest percentage. low to 1%). And if you want to learn more about lookalike audiences and learn how to create them, read this article on Lookalike Audiences .

The average amount of your baskets influence

The fun part now The creation of your e-commerce advertisements. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel. A few lines of text are enough for your teaser. It is above all the visual that matters. The MVMT watch brand generates millions of dollars every month from Facebook advertising. What explains this success? The targeting or advertising? It’s largely the quality of their creative content. The targeting options are the same for all advertisers, not the ability to create high quality, creative content. Watch this ad. The image is of very high quality. The watch is shown both on the mannequin AND you immediately notice that it is shown large in the image so that you can observe it in great detail. When it comes to text, write hooks with clickable words and phrases like “new”, “discover our new collection”, “exclusive”, “now”, “enjoy”, and so on.

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