The possibilities are endless and I haven’t even told you about lookalike audiences and retargeting . Your New Reality A B2B business can definitely generate leads through Facebook. Facebook’s targeting capabilities are robust enough to target professionals and business leaders. Myth 7 Facebook advertising is not suitable for service businesses It is not that it is not suitable, it is just a little less suitable than for companies that sell commodities ready-to-wear, furniture, etc.. A service company will obviously be able to find its place on Facebook. She just needs to do it differently. For example, it will have to forget about direct sales and avoid putting its prices on its landing pages .

She will not be able to sell her services without talking to the person who will benefit from her service… that is for sure too! So how can she use Facebook advertising to sell her services? 1 Use video We agree that a business that sells services does so by having a conversation with the person willing to offer its services. In order to be contacted, you need to establish a Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List connection with the person by first showing photos of you and your customers on your landing pages. And if, on top of that, you can showcase your business and services in video, you are sure to stand out. In this example, the CEO of the Single Grain digital agency takes the floor and explains in full transparency how to choose a digital agency for his business.


Audience Into Sub-segments

Then, he pitched the services of his agency. It’s very smart because he first builds trust between himself and the person watching the video before pitching the services of his agency. You can also let your customers do the talking with a video that features a concrete case study this time the more professional the video looks, the better and then offer a discovery call. 2 Promote an irresistible offer Let’s be honest, it’s rare for a stranger to approach you to offer your services if you don’t offer them anything in exchange for their time. Your ideal client needs to talk to you or at least see for themselves that you are qualified enough to help them. So how do you show that you are really good at what you do? The first way is to provide high added value content to educate and inspire.

A white paper PDF guide or checklist A webinar You can also set up a series of educational emails and pitch your services at the end of each email. And the second way to do it? It is to offer your expertise for free with A free audit A free 30-minute strategic session a sort of discovery call The JVWEB agency offers free analyzes for companies that advertise on Google Ads. It’s very smart because you don’t have to pay anything to receive expert advice on how to optimize your campaigns. Usually, audits show your strengths and… your weaknesses. The agency then positions itself on your weak points to sell its services. 3 start a conversation Today, there is a unique way to start a conversation with a prospect on the Internet with click-to-Messenger ads that you can set up with Facebook Ads Manager. These ads are awesome.

Reflex To Select The Products

Rather than linking to a website, they link to a Messenger conversation with the company. Let’s take an example. You offer yoga classes for a monthly subscription. Every day, dozens of people visit your site, inquire about your services, but do not contact you for a trial session Fortunately, you can retarget all of these people by showing them an ad that looks like this The idea is to answer the most burning questions about your yoga classes and then come up with an offer you can’t refuse by Messenger or on the phone, such as the first month of the half-price subscription or a discovery session. offered. Your New Reality A service business won’t be able to directly sell its services with Facebook advertising, but it can attract hundreds of qualified leads with free, high-value offers.

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