This page converts about 50% of the traffic, which means that 50 out of 100 people end up signing up after reading this Page. What about the other 50? Since I’m a marketer, I could show them an ad and invite them to review my page to download the guide. But, is this a good strategy? Maybe not ! If the first time, they decided not to register, there was a reason. Maybe they were busy at the time OR my post just didn’t convince them ! In this case, it would be better to present a landing page with a totally different pitch. Instead of talking about the content of the guide, I could instead edit a video in which I explain, in front of the camera, how I discovered Facebook advertising, why I think it’s fantastic and the complete method that I follow. to create a campaign.

This time, storytelling and emotions are my message. I no longer try to convince them with logical and technical arguments. Instead, I use emotional arguments. I know this strategy might not be applicable if you are selling shoes, but if you are a Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List service business it will surely help you! When we sell services or products that are a little complex, we often tend to speak a language that others do not necessarily understand . Conclusion Most visitors to your website are not going to buy on their first visit. They don’t know you and don’t trust you yet. So, what are you doing ? Instead of waiting for them to come back on their own, invite them back with a retargeting campaign. These campaigns are inexpensive because the audiences you target are small in size.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List
Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List

The Advertising Message Is Complex Or Not Very Differentiating

The problem is, 99% of businesses don’t bother to reflect on their customer journey, segment their remarketing audiences, or even pay attention to the increasing repetition of their ads. You will stand out by making the effort to offer targeted advertising that is relevant to what your visitors have seen on your website. In addition, you constantly have 3 to 5 different ads that serve the same purpose. This will help you attract those who are already engaged and therefore more likely to respond to your ads. Remember this the more targeted and personalized an advertisement, the more the probability of conversion increases! I’m not just talking about how I practice it on a day-to-day basis, but also everything I read or hear on the subject. For example, I have read hundreds of times that Facebook advertising is a good way to boost your Facebook Page with likes campaigns.

This is one of the biggest myths around Facebook advertising… and I took the time to explain why to a new customer again last week. I thought about other common myths about Facebook advertising and for that, I thought about the conversations I had with potential customers. As you would imagine, when chatting with people, you quickly realize that they’ve heard a lot of things that aren’t necessarily true about Facebook advertising and that keep them from moving forward literally!. It didn’t take long for me to denote 2 then 3, then 5! The list continues to grow and I finally came up with 7 common Facebook advertising myths, most of which are totally wrong or unfounded.

Your Ads Have Been Viewed By Coverage

In this article, I suggest you set the record straight by debunking these myths one by one. I’m talking about demolishing them because these myths prevent you from using Facebook advertising to serve your business and that’s a shame when you know how much attention is undervalued on Facebook! Myth 1 It takes a lot of money to run Facebook advertising campaigns I wanted to start with the question of the budget because it is always something sensitive. Yes, it takes money to advertise Facebook! But, how much? And above all, what do I mean by a lot? For me, a lot is more than 1000 €. For others, it might be € 500 or even € 300. So what is the truth? How much should you invest? In reality, it depends .

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