Motivational pills for commercials and entrepreneurs. Monica Mendoza The author explains that selling and undertaking are difficult. hard activities that require a great emotional involvement. To be a good commercial you have to know the sales techniques. but also how to properly manage feelings such as anger. euphoria. disappointment. 29. The Millionaire Fastlane. MJ DeMarco This book convinces us that starting a business is the best way to accumulate wealth and explains. mathematically. how being employed is not an effective way to earn money.

The E-Myth revisited. Michael Gerber This book teaches us to design a company as a system that can work on its own. He explains how many business Costa rica whatsapp number list owners are not successful because they spend all their time running the business. leaving them with no time to see the business as a whole and think strategically. 31. Think Big: The Magic of Success . David Schwartz The author explains how the way of thinking and personal motivations are decisive when it comes to achieving goals. An inspiring read about success and failure in business and daily life.

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Think and get rich. napoleon hill According to the author. the mentality of an entrepreneur is the most important thing to achieve success. Having the right attitude in the face of problems that arise along the way is necessary to get ahead. 33. Extreme inspiration. Diego Pasjalidis This book shares the model of strategy and innovation that allowed two young magicians (who lived on tips for their street art) to become successful entrepreneurs and to be recognized worldwide with the Merlin Magic Award. an international award given to great international magicians.

Costa rica whatsapp number list

Create or Die. Andrew Oppenheimer The author proposes 5 great keys to promote innovation in Latin America and generate a culture around new ideas. reorient education towards that end. modify the laws that inhibit creativity. stimulate investment and globalize it. 35. DO NOT spend on marketing. Virginia Borges It is a marketing manual aimed at all types of entrepreneurs. Designed as a workbook. it proposes 6 steps to follow to make the most of the resources allocated to the marketing of each company. 36. From zero to one (how to invent the future).

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Peter Thiel How does a company opt for singularity? In conclusion, PayPal’s founder gives some clues to get out of the stagnation and encourages to escape from the chance that surrounds life and focus on the design of that future and the search for singularity. 37. Lead for the common good. In conclusion, Luis Huerte and Javier Garcia The central thesis of this book is that what is good for individuals and for society ends up being good for companies. Here the talent of the leader is analyzed from the point of view of achieving the common The abyss.

Seth Godin Another essential book from this marketing guru. In conclusion, It is a complete manual that helps us discover how to overcome. The lack of motivation and inspiration to achieve goals and continue on the path. The surprising truth about what motivates us. In conclusion, Daniel H Pink What really motivates human beings? The author presents a new approach to. How we organize ourselves how we think. And why we do what we do in business. 40. The Starbucks Experience. Joseph Michelli. When Starbucks opened its doors in 1971.

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