After months of waiting, Apple is finally lifting the veils on its new iPhones and their prices. The Keynote is obviously commented on by all the media around the world and the whole planet is informed the same evening. It’s impossible not to hear about it. Even if you don’t want to buy an iPhone, you will be kept in the know one way or another. Apple Keynotes are real events and, above all, huge product launches in which the whole world is actively participating. What is even more astonishing is that Apple hardly communicates on its new iPhones before their release. Yet everyone is talking about it. The press, the media, you and me . It’s hard to believe that Apple is not participating in its leaks around the design, price and functionality of the new iPhones.

In any case, we know that Apple never denies the rumors, certainly because it benefits from them directly. After all, even if these rumors were true they often are, why deny them if they’re talking? Either way, this iPhone buzz is benefiting Apple a lot, and if there are so many rumors and leaks around new Apple products, it’s no accident. Over the years, the firm has taken particular care to Mexico Phone Number List make its events memorable with surprises and novelties that nobody expected. Yes, these little secrets that Apple hides from us make us talk a lot because we are all a little curious. So how can you apply this strategy in your own business? There are hundreds of ways to do this.


Who is fueling all these rumors?

You could make Instagram Stories or Facebook Lives a few days or weeks in advance to tease the launch of a new product, service or program it’s up to you to see if you want to reveal what it is or not . . I really like Instagram Stories because you can add a countdown timer that your fans can sign up for to receive a notification on the day the product service is released. Source Later You could send out Newsletters in advance, write blog posts, produce social media content , retarget with Facebook advertising to announce that you are going to release * something new *. The strategy that I like a lot to use for me is that of the waiting list. One or 2 weeks in advance, I reveal the product’s release e.g.

Online training and I suggest to all those who follow me on social networks or have subscribed to my Newsletter to join the waiting list to benefit from an introductory price when the product is released, if they are interested. More info in this article It’s a simple and effective way to build anticipation and interest around a new product or service. Takeaway The exclusivity sells. Secrecy and anticipation create the buzz. Don’t just launch a new product service overnight. No one will understand. Rather, build a real expectation around it. Talk about it to tell your customers, fans and newsletter subscribers. This is how you will be able to sell a new product service quickly. 7 Invest in product placement Five or six years ago, I wish I had a MacBook Air.

The launch of a new product

I had the impression to see them everywhere I went, especially on the benches of the university. Am I stupid, I know why I had the feeling that I often saw MacBook Air! It’s because Apple was everywhere in the movies and series I watched at the time. Have you noticed that your favorite actors all have iPhones and MacBooks at home? Apple and other brands you know have been investing in product placement for years. Apple has acquired this habit of being present in the most trendy series or films. This way the brand fits into popular culture… and into your mind. It’s a branding strategy that has paid off year after year since the 90s. I read a fascinating article that explains in detail Apple’s product placement strategy.

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