That way you have a much better chance of reaching these people (these are smaller audiences in size… you will be less exposed to the fierce competition that day). For the rest, prepare your campaigns a few days in advance. Last year, Facebook’s Business Manager crashed during Black Week. I’m not telling you to panic. Also be careful to schedule a start date (Black Friday day) and leave the campaign active in your Ads Manager . There is a risk that if you manually activate the campaign on D-Day, Facebook will launch your ads only a few hours later. This has happened to me before … Don’t make the same mistakes as me Now, here are some examples of Black Friday oriented ads to help you imagine your own.

Black Friday Advertising # 1: In this advertisement, you notice that the NOBULL brand has focused its message on the principles of urgency and scarcity that I described to you earlier. This is normal, this is what is at the Uruguay Email List base of the success of Black Friday! You also see that they used expressions like: ” Available while supplies last ” “Every second counts” “Do not miss this opportunity” We also note that the brand has put forward a special collection for Black Friday. Black Friday Advertising # 2: This time it’s an advertisement for Cyber ​​Monday. The message is pretty obvious: “Did you miss Black Friday? ” Black Friday Advertising # 3: Simple and efficient. The colors are reminiscent of Christmas.

Uruguay Email List
Uruguay Email List

Facebook Business Manager crashed during

Reebook offers a 30% coupon as mentioned in the title. The brand specifies that the promo ends on Monday, November 27. Black Friday Advertising # 4: Udemy is not going dead hand: it’s their biggest promotion of the year! They really want you to start their piano lessons. Moreover, Udemy specifies several interesting things in advertising: This course has already been taken by 84,691 students ( social proof ) There is a 100% satisfied or refunded guarantee (reinsurance) The promotion is for a limited time (emergency) Black Friday Advertising # 5: Microsoft, too, uses colors reminiscent of those of the Christmas holidays. The message is sweet, but rather obvious. There are special offers on computers, consoles, games, etc. Delivery is also free! I think you have understood the principle.

Concentrate on the exclusivity of the deals (rarity). Remember that these are promotions that you do once a year (rarity) and which only last for a very short time (emergency). It’s up to you whether you want to focus your communication on savings or the holiday season, as we saw in the previous examples. Now let’s move on to emailing, which will probably give you the best returns on your investment. After all, these are your customers or at least your newsletter subscribers. You have already earned the trust of these people. I do not intend to go into details, but I think you have understood the principle. Prepare your emails in advance and be careful to send them at the right time (not too early or too late…).

Their biggest promotion of the year

You could imagine an email in the morning of Black Friday at 9:30 a.m. and a second one a few hours before the end of the promotions, at 6 or 7 p.m. on the last day for example. Personalize your emails and maybe consider sending special offers to your VIP customers (those who bought for X € at least) a few days before. For the record, Kajabi did offer me his superb Black Friday offer, as you can see by reading the very first lines of this email. Last year I also received a last chance email from Adidas. The subject line: “Last chance! Black Friday weekend ends tonight ” . We notice a countdown and classic expressions to provoke the purchase: “Ends tonight” “Online exclusivity” “

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