Similarly, Semrush shows us that the battle for mobile traffic is not lost.

For most countries, organic search traffic ranks second or third in importance.

Therefore, it is essential to continue investing in the strategy. At the same time, we need to develop communications that strengthen other traffic acquisition channels, such as Direct and Referral.

As an SEO specialist, these statistics are not what make me the happiest,

as my goals depend on this third organic channel. At the same time, the study helped me think about the difficulties we are experiencing in SEO, in the face of so many powerful new traffic acquisition channels.

This scenario ended up being the main motivator to further delve into algorithms, linguistic entities, and the local behavior of people and the market.

With the Semrush graph, it is also clear to us the importance of working Kenya Phone Number more on brand recognition (direct traffic) and on strategic alliances with targeted commercial proposals (referred traffic).

The invitation, therefore, is that as SEOs and marketers we learn to take care of the other acquisition channels.

Information sources have diversified and the smartphone continues to be the pillar of these changes.

How we’re adapting at Rock Content

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We have been experiencing a critical moment for traffic in general. And not just us. Other companies too.


For years, we at Rock Content have invested wisely in our organic traffic. So it’s not free that we have the ability to impact 7 million people every month, with our blogs in. The  English (USA), Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Mexico and Latin America).

But we can’t lie, we also got used to the unpredictable dynamic of 2020 where our traffic grew by 200%, after 8 years of blogging. Now, in 2022, we are suffering because the numbers are behaving more like 2019 instead of continuing the frenetic pace that the pandemic brought to traffic as a whole.

On the other hand, looking at our traffic acquisition channels, we found that mobile engagement itself did not change as dramatically as Semrush suggested in the study.


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