Whether you’re an e-commerce manager or an seo specialist. You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into developing the. Best practice approach to approaching organic search for online stores. In this case study, I’m going to show you my agency the search initiative was able. To double their revenue by creating a custom strategy for one of our e-commerce. Clients who operates in a small b2b furniture niche. My goal with this case study is to introduce you to a wide. Range of new ideas that will help you grow and up your e-commerce. Seo game and better serve your customers you will learn the. Strategies we used to improve ux, technical stability, on-site optimization. Content and of course backlinks the approach I will detail. Saw our e-commerce client increase their traffic by 417% in 8 months .

Our Client Is in the B2b Furniture and Equipment Business and

They only offer their products in specific locations in the uk. In addition to offering their products for sale to customers, they also offer their products for rental. The client came to us with a solid base. They had an existing e-commerce business, a strong website, and a great brand. However, when starting their business, seo had not been a top priority. If you have a quality site and have a Pakistan Phone Number strong desire to establish your brand as our client. Does your approach should be particularly focused on sustainable, long-term growth. You need to create quality content that represents the brand well and earn backlinks naturally. Also, focus on building trust in the online store and the brand by being transparent and authoritative. We will come back to this later. Despite several basic algorithm changes in google search during the journey. That make a big difference to mobile viewers.

These Goals Client Were Indeed Achieved Google Index Management

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Here’s how we did it to reap the benefits of some quick wins focus. On the fruit at hand first user experience the client came to us with a solid. Brand image already established and a professional looking. Website, but we were able to identify a few small changes that created. A significantly better experience for potential clients. Optimize the visitor experience by adjusting color contrast. Here are some great tools for choosing brand colors and color contrast. Adjust image placement and selection, and add zoom and focus. Scale from images to product pages to further improve the user experience and increase. The likelihood of generating a repurchase the majority of internet traffic now comes. From mobile devices, so local and mobile optimization is now. Crucial for small businesses make these small changes to your site.

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