They decide to continue for what is no longer a recommended task. On the other hand. this practice affects the creation of true connections with the audience because you can never be sure if people are really interested in your account. The healthiest thing for any account today is to attract followers with the creation of quality content. although this takes time. it is better for the accounts. Use non-personal automated messages Today more than ever. consumers value personal contact when it comes to making purchase decisions. something that is difficult to provide when relying entirely on tools such as chatbots. Although these can bring advantages to companies.

Relying 100 percent Afghanistan whatsapp number list on them to manage tasks such as responding to comments. questions and complaints from the audience. poses a scenario where brands can only lose. Generic messages alienate the community. Really interacting with them helps improve the brand-customer relationship which results in better chances of closing deals. Fill the posts with links and hashtags Finally. you should know that those brands that saturate their posts with links to their products and every possible hashtag to capture attention are making a mistake. these actions end up making the posts look less attractive. Nowadays it is necessary to produce social content that is informative. entertaining and even provocative. to sell a brand on networks it is necessary to sell its authority. not its products or services.

 And The Media Reacted

Once again the Middle East sets its eyes on the football of the old continent. according to a report by The Sun . the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman wants to take over the sports institution. in order to face his rivals from Qatar or Abu Dhabi. who in their hands have Manchester City or Paris Saint Germain. According to the British tabloid. the Bin Salman family has a purchasing value of around 950 billion dollars and they would be ready to make an important offer to the Glazer family. owners of the historic team. either to obtain a percentage of the shares Or buy all of them. Despite the fact that so far there is no clear position regarding a possible sale. The Sun indicated that the co-president of the Red Devils was seen on several occasions in Saudi Arabia.

Afghanistan whatsapp number list

However there is a key point that must be taken into account. And that is that fans do not like this type of measure at all. An example of the above is the case of Chelsea . The team that also belongs to the EPL has been considered the most hated squad on the island. A survey conducted by The Mirror showed that 68.7 percent of the participants do not like the blues in the slightest. one of the main reasons being precisely the intervention of the Russian Román Abramóvich who bought the team for 155 million euros 15 years ago. The lack of winning history of the group was one of the pillars for the fan to criticize the club’s present. since its recent record is due. say the fans.

However After The Historic

Although. according to the media survey. United (68.1 percent) is also one of the least loved teams. This is due in part to the greatness of the team. something similar to what happens with. Liverpool (52.8 percent) . In such a way that. if the transaction is carried out. the. Work of the group’s marketing team to keep its fans. Would be hard to convince that the identity and essence of. The club remain intact. Something that is currently happening with Atlético de Madrid . During this Friday the Guadalajara Sports Club . Better known as Chivas. Presented poster of the sports institution’s feature film which is entitled Chivas. The movie which will narrate the last years in the team in which the titles were given. Of the Mx League the Mx Cup as well as the Concacaf Champions League.

In the poster. as well as in the trailer. The image of former coach Matías Almeyda and striker Rodolfo Pizarro . Now a Monterrey player. appear. so the doubt that has been raised in. The fans is whether they will also be included in the film. Likewise through the social networks of the sacred herd. It was announced that the tickets for the film. which will be released on. October 25 during the Morelia International Film Fair. have sold out. The film directed by Iván López Barba and Ruben. Bañuelos takes advantage of the boom in the relationship between. Sports and entertainment to go on the market; During the last months we have. Witnessed innumerable launches and agreements for various teams. Disciplines and athletes to tell their stories through the big screen or the small screen.

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