Measuring campaign performance can be difficult as digital marketing channels multiply and customers drift across those varied channels. China phone number “Identity and data are key to accurately measuring market performance. Said Gloria Ward, director of identity strategy at Acxiom. In a recent panel at The MarTech Conference (scroll down to see video of the full session). 2022 MarTech replacement survey Have you moved from homegrown legacy applications to commercial solutions (or vice versa)? Let us know! China phone number Take the 2022 MarTech Replacement Survey today! She added, “They’re also the key to acting on the results such as better audience management, better activation, better modeling, all which leads to better customer experience.”

First-party Data Strategy China phone number

First-party data strategy for the changing lives of customers With so many channels and digital touchpoints, new challenges arise for marketers trying to manage all the data signals. Often the data is siloed in separate teams or data solutions. China phone number “To put it simply, the way we’ve traditionally treated data is static,” said Ward. “But data is about people, and people are always changing – their lives change, and with that the touchpoints and signals and identifiers for them change as well.” Image: Acxiom China phone number These constant changes also make it more difficult for marketers to connect the dots and measure performance for campaigns. That’s where using an identity graph can help.

Using a First-party Identity Graph China phone number

China phone number

Creating a first-party identity graph in-house China phone number allows marketers. To bring together data that currently reside in silos within the organization. It also helps connect data when working in a privacy-compliant way with publishers and other partners. Read next: What is identity resolution? Not only is this process helping improve your handle on data.  Allows marketers to take another look at the technology they’re using. “As you’re building out  China phone number your first-party data strategy, evaluate the existing technology and define your requirements before making any new technology investments,” said Ward. “Make sure, too, that your technology not only supports your current business needs, but that you’re thinking about the future and that you’re designing [your stack] with the future in mind.” She added, “You should also have built-in privacy controls. Be flexible and scalable and interoperable within the greater ecosystem.”

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