Since we want to create images for our Facebook ads, we need to head to the Ads section at the bottom. By clicking on create a Facebook banner, you will be redirected to a page that shows you pre-designed templates for you with the correct aspect ratio 1200 x 628 pixels. Note that Facebook now accepts square format images for advertisements. To resume creating my advertising image, I can choose one of Canva’s templates to start … … Or create my own image. I just made one! I simply used one of the free photos available on Canva there are over a million and added a rectangular shape that I colored in orange the color of my site. I then made the shape transparent and added some text within the shape.

Fortunately, there are dozens of free tools that will make this time-consuming job easier for you. In this article, I’m going to share with you the 6 tools I use most often to create beautiful Facebook ad images, attention-grabbing videos, and manage my campaigns even when I’m away from my computer. hand! 1 Canva Canva is the first tool that I want to South Korea WhatsApp Number List present to you. It is a visual creation tool highly appreciated by community managers. It allows you to create visuals adapted for social networks, but also for events, documents eg ebooks and other things. The home page looks like this when you are logged in registration is free.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

If so, you should probably be feeling overwhelmed by all the work it takes to optimize your campaigns. Like me, you’re probably not a graphic designer or video editor. You might also not be on the computer every day to track your campaign results, boost your Facebook Page’s most engaging posts, or create new campaigns. However, it is the daily life of advertising account managers, those who work on one or more advertising accounts. The big problem with Facebook advertising is that you need to regularly update your ads to combat ad fatigue . En conséquence, vous vous retrouvez à surveiller au jour le jour les résultats de vos campagnes et mettre en place de nouvelles publicités et donc créer de nouvelles images ou vidéos pour faire varier les plaisirs.

Conclusion It takes time to analyze your Facebook Page stats, but it’s well worth it. While reading this article, I’m sure you’ve seen how useful the data Facebook gives you can be in guiding your content strategy. Unfortunately, you will never be able to publish impactful content without knowing Your audience The best times to post The best publications on your Page and those of your competitors With this data, your posts will be more engaging. Who says more commitments also means more reach and more income! Yes, never forget that people who interact with your business on social media are more likely to become customers than those who just passively read your posts.

The Catchphrase Recall A Song

Obviously, it’s very difficult to draw conclusions when comparing videos of different lengths. Generally speaking, longer videos on Facebook have very low retention rates. To finish on the analysis of the performance of the videos, I also like to watch the performance of my Lives and especially the number of simultaneous viewers. Since I started doing Lives, the number of simultaneous viewers has increased from 38 to 45. Even better, for each video, I can study the engagement on it as well as the primary audience I reached. This is still valuable information to guide the targeting of my video ads. If you have the time to invest, I highly recommend that you dig a little deeper into your Facebook video analytics to better understand what your audience really wants.

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