Now search for the Facebook Page you wish to observe. If I click on Daniel Wellington’s first Facebook Page, this is what I observe: Currently, 580 different advertisements are active in all countries. I also notice filters to observe ads on a specific platform (Facebook, Instagram , Messenger or the Audience Network) or in a specific country. Recently, I can even do a keyword search, which can be interesting if I search for a specific word in an advertisement like “Discover”, “Online conference”, “New collection”, etc. You get the idea. Facebook also remembers Pages you’ve seen before, as you can see here. It is also possible that you cannot find the Facebook Page that you want to observe while it exists on Facebook. In this case, go to the Facebook Page in question and click on the “See more” link of the “Page Transparency” tab.

You should see this window appear. At the bottom you should see the “Ads of this Page” section. Facebook will notify you if “This Page is currently serving advertisements” or not. Either way, you will still be able to observe them by clicking on “Go to ad library”. And there you have it, I have just revealed to you in full transparency the active ads on my Facebook page! You are now ready to Zimbabwe Email List discover the advertising strategy of your competitors and we will see how to do it in 10 steps 10 questions to ask yourself about your competitors’ Facebook ads By asking yourself these 10 questions, you will have a much clearer picture of how your competitors are using Facebook advertising to promote their business.

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Facebook also remembers Pages

Basically the only thing you won’t be able to know is the budget they are investing … 1) Since when has advertising been active? The first thing you should look at when viewing a competitor’s ad is the start date of that ad. This is data that Facebook did not provide with the “Info and Ads” tab which has disappeared from Facebook Pages. This information is crucial because if you observe that the ad is new, you cannot tell if your competitor is only testing it and if it is profitable. However, if the advertisement has been active for several months, it is probably because it is profitable or that it attracts at least clicks , as in this example: These ads have been active since July 19, 2019 and there is a good chance that they will be profitable.

Otherwise, why keep them? If you are serious about following your competitor’s advertising strategy, you should look at what ads your competition has launched week after week and then see which ones are still active a few weeks later. 2) Are they doing branding or conversion campaigns? Another question you should ask yourself when you analyze the ads on a Facebook Page is whether their ads have a branding objective or if they have a conversion objective (direct sale or generation of leads). This is also important to know to see if your competitors are using Facebook Ads as a tool to build awareness of their brand or if they are just using it as a revenue accelerator. If we take the example of Daniel Wellington, we can observe several branding advertisements in which the brand highlights its new ambassadors for the launch of its new watch, the “Iconic Link”.

You are now ready to discover the advertising

Daniel Wellington is using Facebook and Instagram a lot more to acquire new customers , as we can see with this ad which has been running since September 25 and which stands out with its “Shop now” call-to-action button. Generally, when you see that the advertisement contains a call to action button such as “Buy”, “Take advantage of the offer”, “Register”, “Contact us” or “Download”, it is that it is a conversion advertisement. 3) What are the offers they put forward? After talking about their ad goals and duration, let’s see if your competition is making any particular offers or promotions. If I observe the advertisements for the Pura Vida Bracelets brand, I immediately notice that this company has a very nice offer to acquire new customers: a free gift with every purchase.

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