The influencer won’t like it and will sense right away that you didn’t even bother to look for the answer yourself. Instead, ask pointed questions that the influencer will want to answer or bounce off an article or a post he has published with a relevant question. Take the example of Lucie with whom I recently collaborated for the organization of an online conference. Look at the kinds of questions she was asking me long before she proposed her partnership to me. This question is clear and relevant to what I have already written. I answered it in 2 minutes and I remembered it when she contacted me again. A few months later, Lucie offered to organize a webinar with her to talk about Facebook advertising.

After all, if you don’t know what people want, you won’t know what to get them to satisfy them. We are no longer in marketing, but in human psychology and common sense! What should you do Czechia Business Email List before contacting an influencer? It’s simple … 1) start by doing your research First, start by researching the influencers you would like to work with. Try to understand: Their situation (Where are they from? What do they do for a living) Their interests Their motivations Their audience (who are these people?) The partnerships they have already made It is especially the last point which is very important. You need to understand the types of partnerships that this influencer is interested in, but also with whom the influencer has already partnered.

Czechia Business Email List
Czechia Business Email List

They have emotions, needs, motivations and desires

Finally, you can simply share an influencer post in your Instagram story and explain why you liked it, without forgetting to mention it.  This initiative generally generates a thank you or a repartition in their own story. 5 proven and effective ways to contact an influencer At this stage, you have identified potential influencers and potential collaborations to offer them. You know who they are, what they do for a living and if they are already partnering with other brands. Now, let’s take a look at the different methods you could use to make contact with them. By what means of communication to get in touch with them? It all depends on the information you have in your possession.

Find out what really interests them!) . If the partnership can be long term, mention it. It is always appreciated. And if you can also offer a sample of what you are offering (eg: a product, free access to software, etc.), even better! You notice that I didn’t give a lot of details on the ins and outs of the partnership since I just want to get a response from the influencer. And finally, the last part of this email is precisely dedicated to the call to action : “Could this interest you? ” “Are you available to talk about it on the phone?” ” “Do you accept new collaborations? ” Word your call to action however you want, but whatever form it takes, the influencer should be able to respond with a “yes” or a “no”.

That goes without saying

I don’t necessarily have a partnership to offer them, but I know that the day I do have one, they will be more inclined to give me a favorable answer since we already know each other. The interesting thing about influencers and experts is that they are ALL willing to give advice because they were newbies and strangers themselves when they started their journey. Few of them forget it. Contacting an influencer or expert to ask for advice is a great way to make a first contact. The problem, as you can see, is that influencers already receive tons of simplistic requests and questions that they have already answered a thousand times. To stand out, therefore, do NOT ask questions that the expert or influencer has answered time and time again.

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