A detailed article (and with practical examples) on the POWER5 will arrive very soon on this blog! Antoine Dalmas is a Facebook Ads analyst at J7 Media , an agency specializing in advertising on Facebook & Instagram since 2012. She manages $ 7 million in Facebook ads per year and holds the Facebook Marketing Partner badge awarded to premium partner agencies of Facebook . Also find Antoine on LinkedIn . Antoine Dalmas Facebook Ads Analyst J7 Media 3) Alex Borto “We could have worked in a submarine for months and presented the training after having designed it, but we decided to do otherwise. ” At the end of 2019, I implemented a strategy hammered out by Oussama Ammar : sell before manufacturing .

Retargeting campaigns offering different offers to the same audiences. Your delivery costs overlap between campaigns. You pay more for your results because you are competing with yourself. 3 / A budget spread over several campaigns with the Guatemala Email List same objective Facebook is a volume platform ! Think about the exponential results you could achieve by centralizing your entire budget on one campaign. With this method, you will also have better readability of the account and you will make better decisions. To achieve this, focus your budget on the 3 best campaigns in your account (Acquisition, Retargeting and Notoriety). Then, keep a maximum of 3 audiences and 3 active ads. Do not forget your audience exclusions and monitor the “Learning” of the campaigns. Note from Danilo.

Guatemala Email List
Guatemala Email List

We could have worked in a submarine

I have been present every week for a year: pledge of confidence in my ability to produce content over the long term. The community grows every week with a lot of feedback from listeners : the quality is therefore still there (signal sent to potential customers). The podcast allowed me to meet freelancers and talented content creators. These are all connections and contacts for the rest of my projects. I ask them all the questions I want while chatting for over an hour with them. And I realize that it’s increasingly rare to have deep discussions with someone you don’t know. Beyond my marketing strategy, the podcast gives me confidence and helps me clarify my ideas. Orally, the exchanges (and the ideas that go with it) are much more direct.

Bruno Guyot , internet sales specialist with a transversal approach: market analysis, creation of copywritten landing pages, tracking analytics and advertising campaigns (mostly on Google) .He has a background of 8 years in ecommerce, 2 years as a creator of websites, 2 years as a digital marketing manager in an agency and 3 years as a freelance (still in progress). Also find Bruno on LinkedIn . Bruno Guyot Digital Marketing Freelancer | Performance-based Google Ads 6) Christopher Piton “I see too many new entrepreneurs and freelancers scattering across all platforms looking for clients instead of being super focused on one or two platforms. I chose LinkedIn and YouTube (content referenced on Google). ” Almost 100% of my clients come from LinkedIn and YouTube. I say “come”, because I do not sell directly on these platforms.

The quality is therefore still there

If the answer is no to each of the above points, I am rewriting. The risk is creating content without thinking about the perceived value. Your priority is to bring added value IN THE EYES of the reader (and therefore of your target audience). Whether through your content or by leaving constructive comments on other people’s posts, you will gain visibility and credibility in the long term. So be generous and give before you receive. Finally, I ask myself, “Am I aligned with my values in this LinkedIn post or article?” . This question is fundamental so as not to rush into a race for popularity and uninteresting likes (unless this is your goal). By being aligned, I am by definition divisive, because my values are not shared by all LinkedIn users. So much the better, because I don’t want to please everyone.

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