Also find Jérémy on LinkedIn ! Jeremy Bendayan Co Founder & COO Splashr 2) Antoine Dalmas “ Facebook is a volume platform ! Think about the exponential results you could achieve by centralizing your entire budget on one campaign. ” As a Facebook & Instagram ad agency, one of our best strategies of the year has undoubtedly been Account Simplification . Powered by Facebook itself, with its POWER5 , this strategy consists of drastically reducing the number of active campaigns on your Ads Manager. Indeed, your costs can be “artificially” affected if you are in the following positions: 1 / More than 5 active advertisements per audience and a “Learning Limited” alert on your sets of advertisements You have too many elements in your campaign for the allocated budget and Facebook is failing to get the algorithm out of its learning: you are not getting the best of its performance.

He also co-founded WPChef , an e-learning training organization to learn the fundamentals of WordPress. Also find Alex on LinkedIn . Alex Bortolotti Founder WPMarmite 4) Alexis Minchella “The podcast allowed me to meet freelancers and talented content creators. These are all connections and contacts for the rest of my projects. ” Without question, the podcast! I dedicated a Guyana Email List large part of my year 2019 to working on my Tribu Indé podcast . It was born in March 2019, at the rate of one episode per week. With Tribu Indé, I go to meet other freelancers and creators to dissect their strategy and their organization. This podcast therefore did not address my freelance target (B2B startups) . And yet, it’s a great way to share my ideas (and those of my guests), while gaining credibility.

Guyana Email List
Guyana Email List

Active campaigns on your Ads Manager

All this allowed me to be noticed. Then, in early 2019 I created my YouTube channel to relay my conferences and the training I give for Google. Today, at least 7 out of 10 prospects I have on the phone spontaneously tell me that they saw my videos and that it prompted them to call me. And it’s a very virtuous circle since the more I post videos the more I have proposals to talk in conf. The more I talk in conf ‘, the more videos I have to post. The more videos I post, the more leads I have. Note from Danilo: Strongly agree with the 100 ideal clients strategy. It’s a simple concept, but terribly effective for starting any prospecting (or content) strategy aimed at attracting those 100 ideal customers (in B2C, the approach is different).

In my opinion, a LinkedIn contact is not just a source of potential income. I see there a human full of emotions, concerns and desires. If we are really interested in him through our messages and our content, we sell in an indirect, more natural way and we promote virtual word of mouth. In this approach, you aren’t forcing the sale at the risk of tarnishing your reputation in the LinkedIn ecosystem (and more broadly). You have a selfless approach which, contrary to popular belief, helps sell more. 4th step: I bet on my singularity before betting on the algorithm Every time I write content I wonder if the reader or viewer is going to: To learn something, take a step back and ask yourself the right questions on a subject, feel an emotion.

The podcast allowed me to meet freelancers

A detailed article (and with practical examples) on the POWER5 will arrive very soon on this blog! Antoine Dalmas is a Facebook Ads analyst at J7 Media , an agency specializing in advertising on Facebook & Instagram since 2012. She manages $ 7 million in Facebook ads per year and holds the Facebook Marketing Partner badge awarded to premium partner agencies of Facebook . Also find Antoine on LinkedIn . Antoine Dalmas Facebook Ads Analyst J7 Media 3) Alex Borto “We could have worked in a submarine for months and presented the training after having designed it, but we decided to do otherwise. ” At the end of 2019, I implemented a strategy hammered out by Oussama Ammar : sell before manufacturing .

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