Marketers leverage a variety of channels to promote their business and include content marketing . 60% of marketers gave content creation as their top priorities, including interactive content, long-form content, and visually appealing content. But not every piece of your content would be a winner. There are millions of posts posted and Qatar Phone Number many of them never see any traffic. It is very disheartening to see that the content is underperforming, but the main problem arises when you leave because it is the underperforming content. To avoid this, in this article you will find ways to identify, optimize and reposition your content. This will help you generate more leads and views on your content.

Underperforming Content

You need to understand the content components that contribute to content performance. Entertaining High quality Costs Solutions based Educative Not promotional Very relevant Innovative/avant-garde It’s very easy to hit a lot of these points and you also feel like your content includes all of these components. But, it is not as easy as it seems. Marketers still struggle to create engaging content after including all the above components. So how can you identify that content is underperforming? Loss of traffic A single post will also sometimes gain ground in a substantial amount and then suddenly it will lose all traffic.

Poor Post Metrics

Qatar Phone Number List
Qatar Phone Number List

This will happen in social promotion, loss of referral links on high traffic sites or when changing search rankings. No direct commitment You will notice the low traffic even at the creative post. This will bring us back to the question of the call to action and the concerns that the content does not match the search intent of the user. No organic traffic It is frustrating to see that the message you publish does not generate enough traffic, this can happen when the content is poorly optimized.

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