You can wait several days or weeks before submitting a new offer. It all depends on the customer journey on your website. Do not hesitate to use the same formulas that I have shown you to present your offer. You can launch remarketing campaigns on any advertising network (Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.). On Facebook (Instagram), you can reach your customers by uploading a customer file to create a personalized audience . All you need to do is import your customer file into Facebook and its tool will match your data (email addresses and phone numbers) to its users. Expect to find 40 to 60% of the people in your customer file on Facebook . You can also use dynamic ads and choose the “Upsell Products” targeting option. This targeting option allows you to reach people who have purchased a product category (eg: pajamas) and show them another product category.

Technically, this type of ad is not complicated to launch in Facebook, but you need to generate a significant number of purchases on a regular basis for your ads to appear (otherwise the audience size will be too small) . As always, remember to Comoros Email List position your offering as a solution to a problem or a truly personalized “recommendation”. If the product achieves results faster or simply, mention it. If it complements a style, mention it. You got the idea 🙂 Conclusion Hope this article made you realize that upselling and cross-selling are powerful tools to deliver more value to your customers , while increasing your profits. In addition, if your average shopping carts are higher than those of your competitors, you are able to pay more to acquire a new customer, which represents a significant competitive advantage.

Comoros Email List
Comoros Email List

Facebook and its tool will match your data

Today’s e-consumers are smart and know when you’re just trying to take their money. Everything I have told you in this article can therefore be summed up in one word: value . The products you offer (as an upsell or cross-sell) should really help your customer get what they want: Faster Easier By taking less risk We also talked about delivering a better customer experience with a product of better quality or offering better comfort of use, but more expensive. This therefore means that you must offer relevant recommendations (in relation to a need) and personalized (in relation to a product already purchased). As long as you position your upsell and cross-sell offerings as added value to your customers, you can be sure that they will see an interest in offering them.Influencers have incredible potential for your business.

With a community that is committed and rallied to their cause, influencers are also over- solicited … by their fans and businesses. Their fans (readers, subscribers, spectators) constantly ask them for help, advice or meet them. Rather, companies tend to contact them to do business. We call it influencer marketing. They want influencers to promote their offers to their loyal community because they know that if their offer is relevant to the influencer audience, the ROI can be substantial. This craze for influencer marketing means that this industry is valued today between 5 and 10 billion dollars. The returns on investment from influencer marketing are also colossal. If the numbers in this infographic are to be believed, influencer marketing delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional advertising.

We also talked about delivering a better customer experience

For these reasons, brands and companies no longer hesitate to contact influencers to establish business partnerships. Result: influencers respond less and less easily to the messages they receive because they receive too many! It is possible that you have very legitimate motivations for appealing to influencers, but how do you contact them and get a favorable response from them? And how can you reach them? If I tell you about all this, it’s also because I live it. Every day, companies contact me to offer me partnerships. I also constantly receive requests for help from my readers. Some requests are very well done and others are less so. On the other hand, I also have to get in touch with influencers to forge new partnerships and some of my strategies have worked quite well to associate with them! I would like to talk to you about it.

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