The most basic targeting involves targeting people who like your Facebook Page . Regardless of the size of your “fan club” on Facebook, I recommend this option for the simple reason that the organic reach of your posts will always be lower than your number of fans. In other words, if you have 500 fans (for example), it is very rare for your post to reach all of your fans. Depending on previous interactions on your Page, it is possible that only 10-20% of your Page’s fans will see your post. Boosting your publications is therefore a very good solution to make your most recent and popular publications appear in the news feed of your fans who have not yet seen it. To target your fans, all you need to do is select the “People who like your page” option.

You can of course change the age group, gender and location. If you are a local business, choose the option “People in your area” and then add your area and the number of kilometers around. The best targeting option is still socio-demographic Slovakia Email List and interest-based targeting. To obtain it, click on the link “create an audience” at the bottom of the “audience” section. You should see this window appear. You now have access to a (small) part of Facebook’s targeting power . In this example, I have chosen to target men and women, aged 25 to 55, who live in France and are interested in digital marketing. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to cover all of the Facebook ad targeting options in this article If you want to take it a step further.

Slovakia Email List
Slovakia Email List

The organic reach of your posts will always

Check out my free guide to Facebook advertising instead in which I explain all the targeting options possible in Facebook and how to use them. 2) Investments Finally, don’t forget to select your investments and uncheck the “automatic investments” option. Only select Facebook as the location to serve your sponsored post. If you select Instagram, Facebook may distribute your post on Instagram … except that it will not accumulate the reactions generated on the original post (published on Facebook) and it will not be visible on your Instagram profile anyway. In cases where you want to gain visibility on Instagram, I recommend that you post your photo or video on Instagram and boost it directly from the Instagram app .

Define your budget and the duration of your campaign We now need to define the budget you are going to invest and the duration of your campaign. 1) Budget More often than not, Facebook charges you for printing. This means that the more you put in a large budget, the more you have the possibility of reaching a large number of people in your audience. For example, if I put in € 30, I can reach between 1,100 and 3,200 people (according to Facebook’s estimates) out of 100,000 people. Many factors, such as competition and audience size, influence the price of Facebook advertising . It is therefore very likely that you have different estimates than mine. Which budget to choose? If you have no idea how much to invest, then invest $ 15 for 3 days and see the results.

Facebook may distribute your post on Instagram

If the results are encouraging, you can always add more budget (Facebook will suggest it to you with the “Boost again” button). 2) Duration Choose at least 2 days. People aren’t necessarily going to respond to your post the first time around. Some need to be exposed to it multiple times before interacting with the post. It’s that simple. Here we have done the hard part. Just a few clicks and your post will be sponsored and featured by Facebook. Step 6: Validate your promotion (and take out your credit card) This step is crucial. This is when you’re going to pull out your credit card and pay Facebook. First select the advertising account on which you will launch your campaign (if you do not have an advertising account, Facebook should accompany you to create one). Then choose the payment method.

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