Contact your partner and tell them to go to (or create an account by reading this article). The person should see a URL in their browser that looks like this. Ask your partner for the number after “business_id”. As soon as your partner has communicated this number to you, you will only have to copy and paste the ID of your partner’s account in this window. Then click on “Next” and assign the roles you want to your partner. In this example, I gave the agency an advertiser role on my Facebook Page and my advertising account. Then click on “Save changes” and you should see all your partners appear in the “Partners” tab of your Business Manager. In order for your partner to be able to use your resources, he must first approve your request by going to the SON Business Manager requests.

Conclusion This strategy is all the more profitable when your product meets a need that is firmly rooted in the mind of your target customer (eg: nutrition, ready-to-wear, interior decoration, footwear, etc.). It works best when your audience is large enough to Tunisia Email List run continuous remarketing and loyalty campaigns. These will be the most profitable campaigns in your account that raise the average profitability of all your campaigns. For each campaign, you should have different and tailored messages. If possible, reuse ads that have accumulated social proof (reactions, comments, and shares) in your customer acquisition campaigns. Showing an ad with an eye-catching visual AND in addition to social proof can increase click-through rates on your ads.

Tunisia Email List
Tunisia Email List

Facebook Page and my advertising account

The installation will only take you 2 or 3 minutes, and you will only need your work email address and your company name. Before starting the installation, be sure to log into your personal Facebook profile . Then go to and click on the blue “Create an account” button at the top right of the page. You should see this window appear. Fill in your full business name, business name and business email address. Then click on “Next” and Facebook will ask you for some more information about your business. Fill in all the information and be careful to choose the right professional use of your Business Manager:services” if you are a retailer or service provider for individuals Choose “Provide services to other businesses” if you are a business service provider such as an agency, consultant or community manager You just have to click on the “Send” button.

As for adding a Page, this time click on the blue button “Add an advertising account”. This time again, Facebook offers you 3 options : Add an advertising account that belongs to you Add someone else’s ad account (I’ll show you how later) Create an advertising account if you don’t already have one Let’s start with the first option. After clicking on “Add an advertising account”, Facebook will ask for its ID. Go to see if you have an advertising account. If you see an account and an ID (string of numbers), you’re in luck! You just have to copy it here and click on “Add an advertising account”. If you don’t have one yet, go back and click on the “Create an advertising account” button (on the right among the 3 options offered).

Then go to and click on the blue

The Business Manager for retailers and service providers for individuals As a retailer or personal service provider, chances are you will one day be working with a consultant or agency like mine . Should you add the consultant or the agency team in your Business Manager as employees? You could do it, but you risk getting tangled up in the brushes (and so are they!). Fortunately, Facebook has thought of you by allowing Business Managers to collaborate with each other. It could not be easier. Go to the company settings, click on “Partners” and then “Add”. Facebook will then ask you for the ID of the Business Manager of your consultant or partner agency. This is where it gets a bit tricky, but rest assured, there is a VERY simple solution.

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