Your competitors are probably also doing email marketing . Email marketing is a marketing channel used in the consideration (familiarization with the brand) and conversion (purchase decision) phases of the conversion funnel. The best way to find out how your competition goes about building interest in their offers and selling them by email is to subscribe to their mailing lists and download their free resources (if they have any). You will then discover: The emails they send to introduce themselves The emails they send to generate interest in their brand and their offerings (every industry is different) The emails they send to sell their offers (and when) The promotions they do by email You will also have a front row seat when they do a product launch, and if so, how do they go about it?

How many emails do they send? Note that I did this work to build my own email sequences and, more generally, my email marketing strategy. Of course, there are other tools and methods to perform competitive analysis. In this article, I wanted to give you a brief introduction to this exciting topic. Let’s move on now! 3) Choose your marketing channels On the internet, there are dozens of ways to Palestine Consumer Email List reach your target audience. You already know these different channels and supports: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Youtube Pinterest Podcasts Google (SEO) IGTV Social ads Email marketing Press relations Influencers Etc. If you listen to marketers, all of them will tell you that should take a multi-channel approach and be present on multiple platforms. But, that doesn’t mean you should be everywhere. This is the nuance.

Palestine Consumer Email List
Palestine Consumer Email List

What does their launch email sequence look like?

You should be present where YOUR CUSTOMERS are. And if you are just starting out, you just need to avoid dispersing yourself and being everywhere at the same time. You can do this later when you have a team. To get a return on investment from your digital marketing strategy, it is essential to make thoughtful and informed decisions about the channels that offer you the best chances of reaching your future customers. You now understand why I advised you to observe your competition. If you know where your competition is most often (and where they aren’t), then this is where you need to be too! If your competition is ALL on YouTube and Instagram, then this is where you need to be. If they tend to blog, post podcasts, and build their personal brand on LinkedIn, so do the same. But, it’s not that simple in practice.

The best way to find the most suitable marketing channels for your marketing strategy is to separate all potential marketing channels into 3 categories : Owned , Earned and Paid media . There is no official translation for these terms , so let me describe them for you. “ Paid media ” are communication channels that you use at a cost . It is the equivalent of digital and traditional advertising. The ” owned media “, or earned media are communication channels that you own . This is your blog, your social accounts (even if you depend on social media algorithms), your Newsletter, your podcast show or, even, your own website! “ Earned media ”, or conquered media, are communication channels that belong to your customers .

The best chances of reaching your future customers

These are word of mouth (online or offline), social media shares and mentions, product reviews, press relations, etc. Logically, you should invest as much as possible in owned media since they belong to you, but you should also not neglect paid media and earned media which are very powerful when used well (you just have less control over these media). So which allowance to choose? Unfortunately, I cannot do it for you. It all depends on your situation and the maturity of your business. If you’re starting out, you still need to stay focused on just a few marketing channels by following an allocation like this: 2 communication channels that belong to you ( owned media ) 1 communication channel for which you pay ( paid media ) 1 communication channel that you “earn” ( earned media ) Let’s take my example, as a (ex-) marketing consultant, so you can situate yourself.

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