I let you consult them or get help if you feel that it is beyond you! Once you’ve created your catalog and synced your products, you can create ads that showcase the items in your catalog to users, whether or not they’ve visited your website (remarketing) or not (acquiring). The objective of the “catalog sales” campaign allows you to do so. After clicking on the “catalog sales” objective, you should see these two targeting options. Facebook gives you the choice between: The dynamic remarketing (targeting people who you already know and have interacted with products from your catalog, or outside of Facebook) The acquisition (targeting people who do not know you, but might be interested in your product catalog) Dynamic remarketing campaigns are by far the best ROI campaigns I’ve seen on Facebook. Well configured, these campaigns easily deliver 1000% ROIs and more …

In the event that you need to manage campaigns with a smaller budget (100 € / day for example), I recommend that you launch campaigns with the objective of “conversions” and target similar audiences or by centers of interest . Only use dynamic ads for remarketing purposes and on a low budget. 5 € or 10 € per day is more than enough to start. The day you’ll want to quickly increase the Chad Email List budget you invest in Facebook advertising, you can use this ultimate tool that Facebook offers for scaler : dynamic advertising for customer acquisition. Conclusion Well done for having reached the end of this article! If you have read this article carefully, you have surely understood that the Power5’s advertising tactics are, for the most part, based on: Automation of a number of tasks related to campaign management.

Chad Email List
Chad Email List

The budget you invest in Facebook advertising

You eat more than you originally planned, but you are happy because you ate more for a few euros more… (gluttony)! Another example that often comes to mind is buying a car from your dealership. You may have already gone to your dealership to purchase a specific model of car. For example, the Audi A3. And you finally leave with the Audi A4 which is a little bigger (and a little more expensive), but ultimately better meets your needs. For the car, adding additional options (eg: leather seats, sunroof, more powerful engine, etc.) or choosing a sporty model (eg: Audi S3) would also constitute an upsell! Please note: always keep your customer’s needs in mind . Even being the best seller in the world, you won’t be able to sell a sports car (€ 50,000) to someone looking for an entry-level sedan (€ 25,000).

It’s no coincidence that Amazon and Apple (to name a few) sell so much to their customers. This is because they find additional or complementary sales opportunities for each offer. Regarding Apple, the entire range is a real ecosystem. The products are complementary and go well together. They all have a “high-end” version and options to increase their value (eg: better processor, higher storage capacity, larger screen size, etc.). How can you replicate this strategy for your business? Let us take a few examples: If you are selling clothes, what items would go well together to create a matching outfit? If you sell dietary supplements (think protein powders), can you sell higher amounts or other supplements.

The products are complementary

The ultimate goal is to make the customer experience fluid, but also to automate this sales process . Imagine if you had to contact each new customer individually to come up with an upsell or cross-sell offer, it would take way too long. That’s why you need to find a way to present your upsells and cross-sells in the right place on your website at the right time. 1) Add upsells and cross-sells to your product pages One of the most obvious places to add upsells and cross-sells is of course the product page. Depending on the e-commerce sites and the offers, you can position your upsell and cross-sell offers differently. It is precisely how you are going to position your offer that will make the person want to add it to the basket, in addition to the product in which they were initially interested.

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