Choose the option “Use an existing publication” and then click on the button “Select a publication”. This window should open. Select “Facebook Page” and choose the post you would like to boost. Also note that Facebook no longer allows you to add a call-to-action button to a post on your Facebook Page that you sponsor from Ads Manager … The option was previously available, but it seems to disappear for all campaign objectives (it may still be available to you). If you want to add a call to action button to your Facebook post (without losing reactions and comments), you will have to go through the “Boost post” button. Step 6: Validate your campaign Now is the time to validate your campaign. You just need to click on the “Confirm” button. You won’t have to pull out your credit card this time around if your ad account is already set up.

If it is not, Facebook will ask you to add your payment information. After pressing the “Confirm” button, your ad will be under review and should be approved within 24 hours if it meets Facebook’s advertising guidelines . Step 7: Analyze the results of your campaign The advantage of the Facebook Ads Manager is that it allows you to Somalia Email List finely analyze the results of your campaign using analysis and reporting tools. They are more powerful, but also more complex. If I want to analyze the results of my publication boosts (from my Page), I just have to filter my campaigns with the keyword “Publication”. This way, only the campaigns that contain the keyword “Post” are displayed and those are the ones that Facebook creates for me when I press the “Boost Post” button.

Somalia Email List
Somalia Email List

The option was previously available

You notice that we can find the same indicators that we have already seen: Blanket Impressions Results Cost per outcome The advantage of going through the Ad Manager is that you can test multiple audiences in a single campaign. In this screenshot, you notice that my “Interactions – Facebook” campaign contains multiple sets of ads that allow me to separately target multiple audiences. So I can see the results of my sponsorships for each set of ads and find out which one is costing me the least. Conclusion As you have seen in this article, boosting a post from your Facebook Page is done quite easily and quickly. Facebook has done everything to make your life easy and that’s a good thing if you are just starting out.

The interface is now more complete and allows you to optimize the distribution of your advertisements to generate sales. Unfortunately, this simplification of creation can be a barrier if you are more advanced. For example, you don’t have access to advanced targeting options (unless you’ve created your audiences first in your Ads Manager) and that’s a shame. ? Let’s recap. Pressing the “boost publication” button essentially allows you to increase the visibility of a publication and the interactions / clicks / views of videos on the publication. There are so many other things that you can do with Facebook advertising and for that you will inevitably have to go through the Facebook Ads Manager. I’ve written a guide that shows you how to use Facebook Ads Manager (even if you’re new to it).

That allow me to separately target multiple

The guide is available for free on this page if you are interested.The few times I did video, it was live on my Facebook Page. I just recorded with my computer’s built-in camera and used my microphone earphones to get the sound right. But, things are changing. Video marketing is on the rise. Internet users want more video, and it’s up to companies to adapt (if they don’t want to be overtaken by the evolution of digital). By 2021, 82% of global Internet traffic will be represented by video according to Cisco . Currently, video accounts for 75 to 80% of global Internet traffic if we go by Cisco figures. It’s enormous. I have some other interesting statistics for you, all collected by Forbes.

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