If, for example, you posted 4 videos in January and 4 videos in February, see if the number of views of 3-second videos is increasing, decreasing, or remaining stable. Normally it should be higher assuming your Page’s fan base is growing week by week. But you never know … I’ll let you do the comparisons. You can also analyze the individual performance of each video , which is much more interesting in my opinion. This video is 29 seconds long and I see the average viewing time is 20 seconds. It’s rather good. If I notice this trend across multiple videos of the same length, it’s probably a sign that I should be doing 30 second videos more often. We can also analyze audience retention. You will see that for videos longer than a minute, this curve is quite different … Look at On this video which lasts 1 minute and 26 seconds, the retention is much less important. The average viewing time is only 12 seconds.

Analyze the performance of your videos Of the 500 most popular Facebook posts in 2018, over 81% of those posts were videos ! Facebook is obviously the social network for video and this trend is unlikely to Pakistan WhatsApp Number List change. Marketing professionals no longer hesitate to make video. In its 2019 Social Media Research Report , Buffer found that 85% of marketers post at least one video per month. If you already video on Facebook , know that you can analyze the performance of each of your videos very precisely, starting with the number of people who watch your videos for at least 3 seconds. Of course, these statistics are useless if you don’t compare them from one period to another.

Your Audience Before You Start Writing

We can see the evolution of their number of fans, the number of publications published during the week and the total number of interactions. By default, Facebook will also offer you 5 potential competing Pages, but you can add the ones you want by clicking on the Add Pages button. Concretely, the real usefulness of this functionality is to know more about the content strategy of your competitors or major players in your industry influencers, bloggers or magazines What are their best posts this week? What types of posts do they share? Photos, videos or links? What works best in terms of publishing? Maybe it’s videos or quotes … Do they regularly make Facebook Lives ? This information will be useful for you to know what type of content to publish and what topics you could cover on your Page, assuming your competition’s audience is close to yours.

Your Page people who visited it Search people who searched for your Page Suggestions for Pages The news feed If you are starting to gain more fans through research, ask yourself what marketing efforts you have taken previously to replicate them over and over again! 6 Know the best publications of your competitors You know I really enjoy spying on my competitors . It’s one of the first things I do before working on a project look at what the competition is doing. I am a competitor, it has become a habit for me to watch what the neighbor is doing and how I can do better than him. As I told you, Facebook allows you to monitor the Pages of your competitors, without them knowing it. All you need to do is go to the overview of your stats and scroll down. You can see the Pages that I am currently monitoring.

The Texts Of Their Posts?

Since I’m not paying to get fans , you won’t see the dark blue color on this report. On the graph, you notice again peaks. They correspond to the days when I send my Newsletter! This is good news for me, because every week people who subscribe to my Newsletter choose to follow me on Facebook as well. In other words, if I sent 2 Newsletters per week rather than 1, it is very likely that my Page growth would increase accordingly. You may also notice that you lose more fans on certain days. It’s up to you to see if what you posted that day could be the cause. Lately, you can find out where your Page likes are coming from. Facebook gives you different sources of acquisition.

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