The Creator Studio is a new tool that Facebook launched for creators. This tool is packed with features to publish and schedule your posts both on Facebook and Instagram. You also have access to statistics from your previous posts. To create a publication, all you need to do is press the “Create a publication” button at the top left. You notice that Facebook offers to: Create a post Import a video or multiple videos Stream live ( Facebook Live ) Post a video to multiple Pages you manage In this example, I clicked on “Create a post”. The interface is close to the one you already know. You just have to write your post and choose to: Publish it now Schedule it for later Antidate it Save the draft post It’s that simple ! You can do the same on Instagram and schedule a post to the Instagram or IGTV feed .

Agorapulse Agorapulse is the tool I use today to manage all my social networks in one place, as a team. And when I say “manage”, I’m not just talking about publishing and scheduling posts. I am also talking about keeping a Malaysia Email List watch on brand mentions, responding to comments and private messages, having an overview of my publication calendar (all social networks combined) and analyzing the impact of my publications. Let me give you an overview of this all-in-one tool for SMEs, community managers and agencies. Much like Buffer’s Publish, Agorapulse lets you schedule (or immediately publish) content to multiple social platforms at the same time. A classic. You notice that I can also adapt my post for each social platform.

Malaysia Email List
Malaysia Email List

The possibility of managing 8 social accounts

On social media, you can do this job on your own just by turning on notifications for mentions, but you might miss out on important conversations in the event that your brand hasn’t been tagged. Knowing this, it’s not really surprising that tools like Mention are so popular with community managers. In a nutshell, Mention lets you know everything other accounts are saying about your brand , product or service all over the web and social media. Here is an illustrated example that allows you to see what Thomas Michel can discover about Mercedes Benz (his employer) … Why monitor your brand, you will tell me? First, knowing the people, media and businesses that mention your brand allows you to listen and thank them for mentioning you. Maybe these people have questions about your product / service. Answering these questions can help you generate additional sales.

The first is about the future of Facebook advertising and the other is about Facebook advertising campaigns with influencers. Here are some ideas for articles or live videos that will undoubtedly work well. All of these features come at a cost, Buzzsumo does not offer completely free plans . The first plan starts at $ 79 / month. This can be a problem if you are just starting out or you are not (yet) ready to invest in digital marketing tools. In that case, use the 7-day free version and do as much research as possible before your free trial ends to find as many ideas as possible. Conclusion Being a full-time community manager is hard work and requires some skills. Since I’m talking about skills, here’s a (last) little anecdote.

You can search for a keyword or a competing

Weird, but it’s the tough law of the job market. Fortunately, the tools that I had the pleasure to present to you in this article allow you to ” hack” the mastery of his skills.Facebook Live has been around for 4 years now and we can say that it is a great success. Almost 2 billion users , which is almost the entire Facebook community, have seen a live video. 100 million of them participated in a Facebook Live (like, comment or share the show). On Facebook (and elsewhere), you can become a producer of your own show . Until a few years ago, it was unthinkable. Marketers, just like internet users, love live video. According to Facebook , live videos are watched 3 times longer than pre-recorded videos.

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