You will be able to communicate each of the benefits of your offer with more clarity in writing or orally!. Here is the example of the table I use to sell my Facebook ad campaign management service . This is how I sell this service over the phone. When a customer asks me what the service includes, I’ll tell them The point of campaign management isn’t just to make money. It is also to allow you to be more serene, to recover the time that you spend managing your campaigns and use it to develop your business. But, before you start managing your campaigns, we ALWAYS put in place an online acquisition strategy with Facebook advertising so you can get the best return on your campaign investment. Next, … You see how fluid it is.

I really take the time to give the customer the benefit of every boring feature of my service. Now, I’m pretty sure the difference between benefit and functionality is n’t very clear to you yet . However, it is essential that you understand the difference between the 2! I’ll explain Characteristics describe several aspects of your product or service. They describe the Portuguese Timor Email List technical and often boring aspect, let’s say. We’ve all seen a rate table like this one. Of course, showing the features for each plan is helpful, but that doesn’t give you a valid reason to invest in that product service . The characteristics are useful in this case for comparing different plans. On the other hand, they are not really used to sell. This is because the characteristics are not focused on the consumer, but rather on the product service.

Portuguese Timor Email List
Portuguese Timor Email List

The point of campaign management

This is where the profits come in, who sell your products. The benefits are concentrated on the consumer . When a consumer reads the benefits of your product, they may imagine themselves benefiting from your solution. A picture is better than a thousand words to illustrate some point, so here is one! The benefits 1000 songs in your pocket – that’s how Apple described the added value of the iPod or the features 1 GB of storage in MP3? If you’re like most people, you’re better off with the right-hand version which clearly explains the added value of the iPod, that of carrying 1000 songs in your pocket. It’s so easy to understand. On the other hand, 1 GB of storage in MP3 is much more complicated to understand and visualize.

What does it really mean? We can’t tell. Most people don’t even know how many songs you can put in a 1GB and neither do I!. Shouldn’t you be talking about the features though? You have to talk about it , but always highlight the benefit of each feature. If you go to the MacBook Pro sales page , you’ll see that Apple is highlighting everything great about the new Mac Lightness. The new revolutionary bar, I named Touch Bar. The breathtaking graphics. Processors that consume little. The brightest and most colorful screen ever on a Mac laptop. Etc. Of course, you’ll see on this page that Apple talks about the features, but it’s the benefits that are highlighted with bold headlines, images, etc.

What do you think is the best seller?

If you want to know more about the technical characteristics of the Mac, Apple lets you. However, all the technical characteristics of the MacBook are presented one by one on a second web page with a comparison table. Now watch how So Shape describes the Smart Meal that I showed you earlier. In a few words, So Shape describes everything we look for in a meal Complete Fill Up With The Nutrients You Need Safe Method respectful of European Regulation Effective already more than 100,000 testimonials and transformations Economical around 3 € per complete meal and 1 € per Snack In summary, we can therefore say that the characteristics are what your products do while the benefits are what your products bring to your consumers.

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