Remember that the faster you respond to first comments, the more likely you are that your posts will be shown to more users. 7 You don’t interact with your audience Do you like to message someone and not get a reply then or get one a few days later? It is something frustrating, yet it is harmless. This is how your subscribers are going to feel if you don’t take the time to respond to them or even worse if you don’t respond at all. You don’t want to give them this frustration of inattention. Yet I don’t know how many businesses, large and small, forget to respond to comments on social media. See for example how Decathlon takes the time to respond to comments on Twitter .

If like me, you rely on social networks to develop your business, take the time to invest yourself. Post quality content on a regular basis and don’t try to circumvent algorithms by doing the opposite of what’s good for users.This is perhaps the Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List question I get the most often since working as a Facebook advertising consultant. I’m also sure you’ve heard before that you can start Facebook advertising with € 5 a day. Is it true ? Yes ! And if you put $ 5 in a day on Facebook advertising, your budget will be fully spent at the end of the day. Facebook won’t spend more than the $ 5 you gave it. But that doesn’t tell us how much your Facebook ad is really costing you.

The Algorithms Of Social Networks

On Facebook, you can post videos Directly native by uploading it directly to Facebook. Or you can share a link to another video platform like YouTube non-native content. Unfortunately, posting a video the second way completely limits the distribution of your post. Facebook has no interest in showing a link to YouTube. For the user who is on mobile, it is not a good experience either. LinkedIn will also limit the distribution of YouTube links or videos because they force users to leave the platform. If, like me, you use social media in part to drive traffic to your site, try to post no more than one link per week on your social accounts. You can also boost the publication to your fans or customers. It will cost you less.

Social media algorithms place a lot of importance on the first moments of your post The algorithms all work this way too. When you publish a post, they deliver it to a small sample of your audience fans, connections, or subscribers. If the post generates interactions quickly, it will be served to more people. In this logic, be present the first hour to respond quickly to comments. Also note that LinkedIn may be the only platform where a human is involved in the process of posting a post. Indeed, if your LinkedIn post collects interactions, it will be sent to LinkedIn editors who will then decide whether The post is being shown to more users The post should not be seen any further It’s quite interesting to know, I find.

They Are Therefore Given Less Credit

Of course, the Decathlon community manager does not respond to ALL comments, but he takes care to respond to some comments and put out small fires arguments, insults, etc.. Also note that your structure is large, the more users will expect you to respond to them and faster. If you’re a blogger or an influencer, your fans see you as a role model. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring them or looking down on them. Afterwards, it is your reputation that is at stake every time you post on social networks. Just be humble and try to respond to everyone as much as possible. Conclusion We all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from these mistakes and avoid repeating them.

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