One of the most infuriating aspects of e-commerce is having to deal with competition from big brands – Amazon being one of the best. These giant companies offer one-stop retail stores and consistently dominate search engine results Albania Phone Number pages (SERPs), making it nearly impossible for small and medium-sized retailers to compete. To put it simply, it’s nerve-wracking to even try to compete with sites like Amazon. Any small or medium-sized business that successfully outranks Amazon can expect a tremendous boost in sales and reputation. That’s why, despite knowing they’ll be challenging an established giant in the industry, many retailers are still embarking on this adventure to topple Amazon. Below are ways to battle the retail giant and outrank it in the SERPs.

Keyword Tactic

If your plan to outrank Amazon involves focusing on short. General terms describing your products or services such as “men’s shoes,” your strategy needs an overhaul. With the large number of sites competing to rank for these common keywords. Your page will undoubtedly be outranked by larger, more authoritative sites. The sheer size of their operations alone would ensure they come out on top, and that’s not even taking into account the big pockets that match. However, this benefit for them could also work for you. Retailers or giant sites usually don’t care about specific long-tail keywords anymore. This is why using long-tail keywords might work well for smaller brands because the competition in this area is less fierce.

Constant Sales

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Albania Phone Number List

To take full advantage of this strategy, you should strive to be as accurate as possible. In fact, some marketers even use complete phrases as keywords. Continuing with our previous examples, we can expand “men’s shoes” to “red Nike men’s running shoes”. By implementing this strategy, you can easily rank higher and even land on the first page of results because your keywords are longer and more specific. An effective method for creating a long-tail keyword strategy is to incorporate it into relevant, high-quality original content. Indeed, longer terms can be used more naturally in these types of messages. Therefore, Google will be able to detect longer keywords and rank you for them.

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