To maximize it, of course, you need to post on time , but above all, write engaging text. This is what I will try to teach you in this article 馃檪 5 essential principles for writing social media posts As I told you, writing on social media is different from writing a blog post or pages on your site. In addition, it will be different from one social network to another. Writing on Instagram, for example, will be shorter and more casual than on Facebook or LinkedIn. From one social network to another, certain rules do not change. 1 adopt a relaxed tone You connect to social networks to relax. It has even become a reflex. You don’t go there to read philosophical texts. And so any posts that seem too serious, you’re probably going to skip them because they’re not suitable for your social media use. Companies must adapt to it by developing a tone that is both professional and relaxed.

Facebook’s algorithm favors posts that are commented on and shared. He is not the only one, the algorithms of Instagram and LinkedIn work the same way. Let’s take a look at, for example, how the LinkedIn algorithm works, which is perhaps a聽Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List little less understood than those of Facebook and Instagram. Source Tiz The post is shown to some of your connections first and if it gets feedback Likes Comments Shares Speed of interactions If it doesn’t get any or very few reactions, the post will simply not appear in the news feed. If it obtains an interesting interaction score , it will be sent to the editors of LinkedIn who will then decide if The post is being shown to more users The post is not to be seen further In other words, the initial engagement on your post is extremely important.

A Video To Elicit A Reaction From Viewers?

The other factors like placements, optimization for ad serving, bidding automatic or manual influence your costs, but unless you are experienced it is best for you to keep the default options.Writing for social media is quite a different art than writing a classic essay or even a blog post. On social networks, attention is limited , you know that very well. Every day, you see hundreds of posts pop up in your news feed, and you choose to focus your attention on only a few of them. Sometimes even, while reading the text of the post, you suddenly have the urge to comment on it, share it or just give it a blue thumbs up. The interactions and comments that your posts receive are essential so that they are pushed into the news feed of your subscribers or fans.

If you had to keep only 3, it would be Audience As a general rule, precise targeting will bring you better results. The quality and relevance of your advertising personalize your message as much as possible do not try to address everyone at the same time, there is better to do … The creative content of your ad a well-chosen image or video will always make the difference. Remember this a well targeted advertisement with a specific message will allow you to obtain better results than an advertisement with a too vague or generic message. Today, we prefer to interact with advertisements that are really directed at us. Mass marketing is over! It’s up to you to take this into account when writing your advertisements.

What Story Could You Tell

For example, AdEspresso has shown in a new study that square format images lead to lower delivery costs CPM and therefore lower CPC. As they explain in the findings of their study, Facebook is giving this new square image format a priority in its auction system, either intentionally or simply because these larger ads are more engaging. which lowers the cost per delivery CPM. You see that everything is linked! In summary, remember that you have to test creative content more than anything else. It is one of the strongest levers for reducing the cost of your advertising on Facebook or Instagram. Conclusion In this article, I have given you a lot of information about the factors that influence the costs of a Facebook ad.

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