Facebook’s algorithms are very smart. They can detect drug use in videos, violent or unhealthy scenes, etc. I’m not going to walk you through all of Facebook’s advertising rules in this article. I just want to make you realize that you have to know the rules and understand them before advertising on Facebook. The more experienced will tell me that if we do not respect the rules, at worst our advertising may simply be unapproved with the possibility of appealing . Not always ! In some cases, more serious than mine, the entire ad account can be disabled. You saw it, it also happened to me. While doing some research on legitimate sites like Hootsuite’s , I discovered yet more reasons that an ad account can suddenly be deactivated if it violates Facebook’s advertising guidelines Launch advertisements for dating sites or any type of sites dedicated to singles.

How to reactivate your blocked Facebook advertising account Your Facebook ad account has been disabled and you don’t know what to do. Let me show you 2 solutions to recover your advertising account, the Kuwait Phone Number List second being more interesting than the first. Read this part carefully before doing anything, you will discover the mistakes I made and which should not be reproduced and the solutions I found by doing my own research. Solution 1 Go through the support area When your advertising account is deactivated, Facebook prompts you to click on the contact us link to appeal the deactivation of the account if you think it is an error. By clicking on contact us, you will be redirected to this page .


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Eventually, I realized that the problem was most likely with the landing page my online training registration page. Did I end up recovering my advertising account a second time? Again Yes! And this time it was a lot faster because I knew exactly what to do. Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending BOOK A CALL What can cause the deactivation of a Facebook ad account? Before I explain the 2 methods to reactivate a Facebook advertising account, let’s think about the reasons that can explain the deactivation of an advertising account.

The first , obviously, is that you did not follow Facebook’s advertising rules . For several months now, Facebook has been criticized from all sides for its use, considered dubious, of its users’ data. The truth is, Facebook really wants to protect its users. The business of Facebook depends on the people who connect to it. If these people have a bad experience on the platform, they will spend less time there and that’s not what Facebook wants. To protect its users and prevent advertisers from doing anything, Facebook has put in place very solid advertising rules. For example, there are products or services that you cannot promote on Facebook because they do not meet the standards of the Facebook community, such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs or guns! Advertising videos must also follow Facebook’s advertising rules.

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Advertise Affiliate Marketing Programs or Third Party Advertising Opportunity Create a new Facebook account and immediately make announcements with it Use 2 or more separate ad accounts to create ads for the same Page or website in a short period of time. Several ads have recently been refused on several campaigns hey… I think I experienced that! To finish this part, also know that your advertising account will be deactivated automatically if Facebook cannot process your payment method because it has expired or your account balance remains unpaid.

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