It allows you to follow the news of all the media and blogs you want in one place. Simply put, it keeps you up to date with everything that is going on in your industry. It also allows you to “speed up” your content curation. Hubspot defines content curation as the act of finding content relevant to your audience, from multiple sources, and sharing it strategically across multiple channels (social media, blog, etc.). Content curation allows you to “feed” your audience with new content without having to produce it entirely. For example, I often use content curation to feed my Facebook Page with new posts. More than 50% of marketers who curate content believe that they were able to increase their brand visibility, shares on their publications and their number of followers thanks to this small action. That’s why a tool like Feedly is worth its weight in gold.

The principle is simple: bring together in one place all the content sources you want to follow without having to go to each of the websites concerned, one by one. That means you can save a ton of time! In addition, Feedly selects popular content for you in each of the Lebanon Email List categories you have created. For each category or “feed”, I selected the sites I wanted to follow. Almost every day, I check my Feedly for the latest articles from industry experts. And it doesn’t take me more than half an hour a day. This is because these sites don’t post every day, but when they post I make sure to read what they post. Sometimes just reading the title is enough for me. As soon as an article seems interesting to me, I save it with Pocket to read it later.

Lebanon Email List
Lebanon Email List

They were able to increase their brand visibility

Plus, it gives me ideas for my next social media posts or my own blog. To start your own monitoring, all you need to do is create a free account and add sites to your Feedly. By clicking on “Add content” at the bottom left, you can choose all the sites you want to follow, like mine! Just click “Follow” to follow the source. You can also receive alerts for a keyword, for example “facebook”. Finally, you can share an article (via Buffer of course!) Or save it to your Evernote quite easily … Now, let’s move on to the next community manager tool in this list. 9) Mention If you are like me, you are surely curious to find out what others are saying about you when you are not around.

On social media, you can do this job on your own just by turning on notifications for mentions, but you might miss out on important conversations in the event that your brand hasn’t been tagged. Knowing this, it’s not really surprising that tools like Mention are so popular with community managers. In a nutshell, Mention lets you know everything other accounts are saying about your brand , product or service all over the web and social media. Here is an illustrated example that allows you to see what Thomas Michel can discover about Mercedes Benz (his employer) … Why monitor your brand, you will tell me? First, knowing the people, media and businesses that mention your brand allows you to listen and thank them for mentioning you. Maybe these people have questions about your product / service. Answering these questions can help you generate additional sales.

You can also receive alerts for a keyword

In other cases, these mentions can be negative (complaints or attacks). You cannot just sit there and do nothing, but rather listen, take note of remarks and respond diplomatically. Carrying out a digital watch allows you to measure the impact of a marketing campaign. Finally, Mention also allows you to carry out competitive intelligence and monitor what is being said about your competitors to stay one step ahead. In addition to online and social media monitoring, Mention allows you to discover Twitter and Instagram influencers by performing keyword research.

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