The objective was to bring value to the ecosystem, prove my expertise and increase my visibility to develop my activity as a consultant in Growth Marketing. The applied formula: The promise: 1 marketing hack every morning in your mailbox, free of charge. The regular meeting: Monday to Friday at 8:30 am. The structure: a specific objective, the process and the tools to achieve it. The value: zero bullshits, each hack comes from my experiments on my projects or from the startups that I support. Automation: each subscriber is sent in an automated email sequence of 70 hacks thanks to the Sendinblue tool , he receives the hacks in order for 3 and a half months.

Here is the registration page: And an example of the structure taken from my newsletter: The results after 5 months: 3000 registered Net Promoter Score: 90 Always more than 50% opening rate after 4 months. 3 mission requests per week. I reproduced this system on another personal project: La Boîte Numérique . With Théau, we have created a Honduras Email List newsletter called La Bombe for French freelancers: 2 actions per week to freelance everything. Every Monday, to develop your turnover . Every Wednesday, to improve your daily life. Here is the registration page: We added a 6th element to the starting formula: Start the conversation with a question at the end of each email.

Honduras Email List
Honduras Email List

The structure taken from my newsletter

The results after 4 months: 1200 registered Net Promoter Score: 83 Always more than 50% opening rate after 4 months. A community of hyper-engaged freelancers through dozens of email exchanges every week to respond to their daily issues. Note from Danilo: I found this testimony super interesting from Pierre, and it is also the value proposition of his newsletter (1 marketing hack every morning in your mailbox) that made me think of him for this article. Plus, these hacks are exclusive, which makes them even more desirable. My only “complaint” about this strategy is that not all of this content is directly indexable by search engines. Pierre Guilbaud had the chance to support project leaders in an incubator in Australia, to help startups accelerate.

Their growth at NUMA in Bangalore, to train around a hundred SMEs in Digital Marketing in France as a Google coach and to join the Growth Marketing team of a meditation app in Los Angeles. Today, he is part of the Google Shopping Growth team as a freelance where he is in charge of the development of the affiliate program and he supports the startups of Science Po Paris and Imagination Machine in their Growth Marketing strategy. Also find Pierre on LinkedIn . Pierre Guilbaud Growth Marketing Consultant | Co-Founder La Boite Numérique 9) Marin Lemay “The results of this virtual event? More than 3,500 participants and therefore potential leads, PR spinoffs and great feedback from participants, in addition to the high visibility of the event and of our brand with a strategic target for us. ”

The value proposition of his newsletter

Create content with high added value: Summer 2019, we were thinking of organizing a physical event dedicated to our target and our community: community and social media managers. But, the entry ticket was prohibitive and we wanted to test the interest in this kind of theme first. We therefore decided to set up a virtual event , bringing together 18 speakers from all sides: influencers, social media agencies, bloggers, or acquisition experts. There is only one rule: each intervention must have real added value for the public , and provide concrete examples and strategies that can be activated . The format ? Pre-recorded video webinars each broadcast at a specific time slot over 2 days, in early December. Convenient to avoid the vagaries of the live and keep control of the quality of productions while keeping the event side with a program to follow over 2 days.

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