This is exactly how Apple imagines it. He is holding his hands in his pockets, he lets out jokes, he is dressed casual and he is not stupid at all! It’s just that he doesn’t take himself seriously. He is different . So how does Apple talk to this person? It’s very simple.Apple tells her what she wants to hear and then she speaks in the words that person is used to using. Let’s see how Apple does it on its website. If you pay attention to the words used on Apple’s site, you will instantly notice that they are extremely well chosen. They are never complex or ambiguous. On its site, we notice that Apple uses strong words all the time to describe its new products The best battery life ever on an iPhone.

It’s very subtle, but the iPad Air sales page does everything to sell Apple Pencil, in addition to the iPad. The small annotations above the images almost make us believe that the Page was written with both a computer keyboard and an Apple Pencil . Remember Include images, parables or analogies as much as possible on your website pages. What story can you tell to integrate your product into the New Zealand Phone Number List lives of your customers? Access exclusive marketing strategies Join the Newsletter and access more than 10 guides, checklists and strategies on digital marketing that are not present on this blog. First Name E-mail I accept the privacy policy JOIN 20,000+ SUBSCRIBERS One-click unsubscribe.


Your product into the lives of your customers?

It has almost become a habit that no one is completely insensitive to. In fact, hallway noise on new iPhones starts up months in advance. Only the most geeks among us keep up to date on the many sites which are devoted exclusively to the news of the brand with the apple. But why is everyone talking about the new iPhones? And why nobody or almost cares about the new Samsung Galaxy before their release? This is because for years now, Apple has been organizing its famous Keynotes in Cupertino to present its new smartphones with great fanfare. The Keynote is only accessible by invitation to enhance exclusivity. The biggest media are all there.

I had the impression to see them everywhere I went, especially on the benches of the university. Am I stupid, I know why I had the feeling that I often saw MacBook Air! It’s because Apple was everywhere in the movies and series I watched at the time. Have you noticed that your favorite actors all have iPhones and MacBooks at home? Apple and other brands you know have been investing in product placement for years. Apple has acquired this habit of being present in the most trendy series or films. This way the brand fits into popular culture… and into your mind. It’s a branding strategy that has paid off year after year since the 90s. I read a fascinating article that explains in detail Apple’s product placement strategy.

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