In this article, I will not be able to go into details on the technical aspect and how to launch a podcast . On the other hand, I can present you some interesting podcasts hosted by brands, consultants or entrepreneurs to give you concrete ideas in case you are tempted to get started too Gemmyo Chalalove Gemmyo is a jewelry brand, founded by Pauligne Laigneau , which has used the podcast to reach its target audience couples. While this is not the brand’s only acquisition channel, it’s safe to assume that the podcast is successful in attracting customers. But, what is this podcast about? Jewelry ? Not exactly. The Chalalove podcast gets couples talking .

Our lives are extremely busy today and it is very common to do multiple things at the same time, such as watching TV and replying to a message at the same time. Podcasts fit perfectly into this way of life because they can be consumed passively or indirectly. In other words, you can actively listen to a podcast while doing something else ex . cooking, sport, in transport, etc.. Besides, take the test to Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers read one of my articles while doing your sport or preparing food, you will tell me the news This simple observation means that podcasts are growing in popularity, already for a few years in the USA where it has become normal to listen to your podcast while going to work transport times are often longer and now in Europe.


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Lovers come back to their meetings, the phases of their stories and their little secrets. You understand that the podcast adopts an interesting marketing strategy for the brand because it helps attract leads without even talking directly about the brand’s products. Having never listened to an episode, I can’t tell you if the beginning or the end of the episode begins with a brief promotion of jewelry, but I won’t be surprised. It’s the least of things. Growth Makers by Gabriel Gourovitch The Growth Makers podcast is a staple in the startup community. It’s a podcast that only offers interviews and not just any. Growth Makers host Gabriel Gourovitch interviews CEOs and CMOs of high-growth startups in turn. Gabriel can boast of having been able to attract CMOs or CEOs of well-known companies like Buffer, Drift, Zendesk, AgoraPulse, eFounders, etc. to his podcast.

Access exclusive marketing strategies Join the Newsletter and access more than 10 guides, checklists and strategies on digital marketing that are not present on this blog. Votre prénom Votre email I accept the privacy policy JOIN 20,000+ SUBSCRIBERS One-click unsubscribe. 3 podcasts The last digital marketing opportunity that I want to share with you is podcasts! This format is not new, it appeared in the 2000s. It has lost popularity and has recovered rapidly in recent years, especially in the United States. If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, first know that a podcast is simply audio content, whether or not you have worked on it, whether you publish on a platform like Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud or Spotify.

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A study conducted by Edinson Research in March 2019 showed that Americans spend an average of 17 hours per week listening to podcasts! The same study found that more than one in two Americans have listened to a podcast and that 32% of them have listened to a podcast in the last month. And the French? According to an Opinion Way study for Audible , 39% of French people have already listened to a podcast – and this figure dates from 2017, it has undoubtedly evolved since. The most well-known podcasters also generate significant income through native advertising talking about a product service in exchange for remuneration, partnerships or talking about their own products services.

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