On July 1, Google started releasing the July 2021 Core Update, it felt like around 1 month after the June 2021 Core Update. While the June 2021 Core Update took longer to to unfold and be observed, this main update of July 2021 was answered France Phone Number almost quickly in an excellent way. Since the site was ruled by one or the other of these updates. It is difficult to know for sure which update, the main updates in June or July, was the most influential. This can have a very big impression on the site’s organic Google traffic. This usually means that the new search index has fully worked for all data centers and the search results should remain relatively resolved.

Old Core Updates

The most recent previous kernel update for the algorithm was the June 2021 kernel update and this update was slow in coming, but it is important. Then Google held the December 2020 main update and the December update was very important. It took a few weeks to fully roll out and the December update was also more important than the main update of May 2020. Before that it was the main update of January 2020. The one before was the main update of September 2019. This update seemed weaker to many SEOs and webmasters. Because many said it didn’t have to have as much of an impact as previous core updates. Google also released an update in November, only this one was specific to the local rankings.

Search Results

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France Phone Number List

You can read more about previous major Google updates here. Free to consult, the most recent progression, Google is rolling out the July 2021 Core Update July 2021. Main Update Structure Google rarely indicates what is involved in the Core Algorithm Update. But Google said a core algorithm update offers advancements in a wide range of indexing and ranking processes. The July 2021 update was led by 2 spam updates, which was unusual. Currently, this year, Google has announced that it is fighting spam with a new anti-spam AI, so it’s not a stretch to imagine. That Google may have added some more dynamic anti-spam features to it.

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