This video offers, for example, ideas for cookies and how to make them. I’m sure you are following a Facebook Page like this. As we’ve seen, how-to content usually how-to videos that shows you how to do something is very popular on Facebook. These kinds of videos get a lot of shares because we naturally want to help our friends or family, or even show the world what we are learning social value . If you sell information products or services, you can make face-to-face videos to convey your expertise, share tips , show a multi-step process, etc. Neil Patel often makes videos like this and reposted on Facebook with great results. Currently, the videos I just showed you are the ones that generate the most interactions on Facebook. So far, I’ve told you about pre-recorded videos.

On Facebook, companies can also do live videos and this should not be forgotten! 3 A Facebook Live For longer videos, favor Facebook Lives because they cause a lot more interactions. They generate an average of 10 times more comments than pre-recorded videos according to Facebook . A Facebook live can last as many minutes as you want, although we have Marshall Islands Email List seen that videos that are between 3 and 4 minutes long generate the most interactions on Facebook. Facebook also recommends broadcasting live for at least 10 minutes to reach more people. No one really knows the ideal length of a Facebook Live… Most of the time, I find that the live shows I watch last between 20 and 45 minutes. Beyond 45 minutes, there is a risk of fatigue for live viewers.

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Do mini-polls Have you ever made that mistake on Facebook?

I will say that as long as your audience is engaged with your content, you can continue your show. And how to make your Facebook Live a success? Unsurprisingly, you should prepare your show in advance . I’m talking of course about thinking about what you’re going to say during your Live and in what order no need to repeat either!. The real secret to a successful Facebook Live isn’t just the content, but your ability to engage your viewers throughout the show. You can interact in several ways with your audience in Live Greet reviewers by name Hello Danilo, I hope you are doing well today! Ask a question at the start of the program Tell me in the comments where you are from and if you have already advertised on Facebook .

Answer yes if you did it and no if you avoided it! Use the reactions Leave a heart if you’re happy with this news and a crying guy if it doesn’t mean anything to you! Ask open-ended questions The advantage of Live, if you are a content creator, is that you can teach your audience new things naturally and without having to edit your video you know how unpleasant it is to watch a video that is poorly done. Your audience will more easily forgive you for the small oral mistakes you make live yes, you won’t be able to avoid them!. Clearly, it’s a huge time and money saver if that’s what’s holding you back from making video. In addition, live videos generate more interactions than pre-recorded videos as we have seen.

The advantage of Live, if you are a content creator

To go further, you can also download the video from Facebook live and repost it on YouTube to benefit from searches on YouTube. 4 episodic content The most successful creators on Facebook won’t tell you otherwise! To retain your audience, you need to have episodic content, usually in the form of video, live or not. Jay Shetty, Jasmine Star, Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone all produce episodic content at least once a week. Neil Patel for example publishes 3 video content every week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. With his flawless consistency, I know in advance that he will publish these 3 videos on these very specific dates. Jasmine Star answers questions from her audience once a week, on the same day too, and she takes the opportunity to teach them something about using social networks .

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