If companies like Zalando use retargeting , it’s because it works! In Facebook, this is done through Custom Audiences. Here’s how to retarget people who have visited your product page. Let’s set up your audience. And There you go ! Now you know how to retarget people who visited your product pages and exclude those who bought them! Note To achieve personalized audiences based on your website traffic, you must first install the Facebook pixel on your website . 3 The video views campaign Video is more and more present on the Internet and… on Facebook. We love to watch videos. They are more easily consumed than a long text or a blog post like this one. And in addition they are not expensive on Facebook! The cost per 3 second video view is easily below $ 0.05.

To be honest, I once had costs per 3 second video view of just $ 0.01, which is ridiculously low. With only 37 € spent, 4,225 people had already seen my video for at least 3 seconds. On Facebook, they also generate a lot of interactions and, in addition, they are ideal for making your brand known. For several companies I’ve worked with, we’ve used video ads to build brand awareness. Let me show you how to Great Britain Email List do it in practice. With the video views goal, you’re asking Facebook to find you the people most likely to watch your video. For now, Facebook offers 2 optimization options for this type of campaign ThruPlay Video views of 2 consecutive seconds When your video is very short less than 5 seconds and to obtain maximum volume, it is preferable to select the video views of 2 consecutive seconds option.

Great Britain Email List
Great Britain Email List

We have used video ads to build brand awareness

On the other hand, if your video exceeds 10 seconds AND you want your audience to be exposed to all of your message or a large part, the ThruPlay option is the best suited. I consider these campaigns essential for several reasons They are inexpensive to convey your message on video They then allow you to grow an audience of all the people who have watched your video. You can then retarget them. Let’s take an example. Say you have a revolutionary app or product. You could create a 15-second video that demonstrates the revolutionary workings of this app or product. The objective is not to sell, it is to make as many people as possible aware of the solution.

It is only after that that the magic operates of creating highly qualified personalized audiences based on the people who have seen the video. For a client, I implemented this strategy that I just showed you by creating a campaign with the objective of video views whose only objective was to broadcast an engaging video in Stories and the news feed, by targeting a very large audience. During the Summer Sale, I retargeted people who watched at least 75% of the videos featured with the first campaign, the cost per purchase is incredibly low after a week of running the retargeting campaign ! Remember that video ads are great for engagement and brand awareness , that is, the top of the conversion funnel people who don’t know you yet or have had too little exposure to your brand. .

The videos featured with the first campaign

Here’s a great example of a video ad made by Kayak. This video is excellent for several reasons She is short It attracts attention the first 3 seconds It is easily consumed without sound and even tells a little story. She shows how to use the Kayak service in just a few seconds For more information on using videos on Facebook, check out this my blog post . 4 The evergreen campaign Finally, I would like to tell you about the evergreen campaigns . An evergreen campaign is a campaign that runs all year round . It could be an acquisition, remarketing or brand awareness campaign. In this article, I will instead tell you about evergreen campaigns with the goal of coverage whose objective is to retarget people who have shown a strong intention to convert, but ultimately did nothing too bad!.

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