It took me barely 3 minutes and know that you can do the same with their iOS or Android app if you ever prefer to work on a tablet or smartphone. I love this tool, especially for these features Magic resizing you can easily resize an image that you have created in one or more formats available in the paid plan. Adding icons and stickers to the images the most beautiful are not free Filters to make images more eye-catching! To conclude on Canva, its ease of use makes it almost essential as everything is so easy for those who do not know how to use more powerful software such as the Adobe suite.

Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to Qatar WhatsApp Number List optimize your spending BOOK A CALL 2 Facebook’s text overlay tool If you regularly advertise on Facebook, you are probably familiar with the 20% text in image rule . Facebook does not accept ads with too much text in the image. According to Facebook , ad images that are less than 20% text are more effective. The real reason is that putting too much text on an image is cheating since the image is what takes up the most space in your ad.

Advertising Campaigns Perfectly Optimized ?

It would therefore not be fair to other advertisers to write your entire value proposition on your image, as in this example Source Facebook The amount of text is naturally exaggerated to show you that Facebook will never run an ad with that much text. In addition, we notice that the image is heavier with such a quantity of text. Also note that there are exceptions to this 20% rule for Book covers Product images Games Event posters Fortunately, Facebook offers a free tool to gauge the amount of text in your images . This way, you can readjust an image that has too much text or be reassured about the amount of text on it. You can access it via this link. overlay Here is a small demonstration.

From experience, your ad will also show if Facebook considers the amount of text in the image to be low. When the amount of text in the image is considered medium or high, your ad may be refused or shown very little, as in this example! I use this tool very often to evaluate the images of my advertisements, without forgetting The publications of my Facebook Page which I could possibly boost Thumbnails of my videos Images of my events on Facebook 3 Quik from GoPro Quik is a smartphone app that lets you create engaging videos in just minutes . It is an application recommended by Facebook for creating advertising videos.

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Internet users love to watch videos. This is what Hubspot’s research shows. Of 3,010 people surveyed, 54% of them want to see more videos from the brands they follow. According to Forbes , video ads now account for over 35% of all online ad spend. For advertisers, videos are a real asset for Attract the user’s attention on mobile Increase advertising memorization Increase the engagement of their ads Increase the click-through rates of their ads Increase conversions of their emails, landing pages and advertisements! There are dozens of studies that show how great videos.

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