With the CBO, you will no longer have to make frequent trips back and forth in the management of your budget. Facebook will do this for you, in real time . As Facebook explains in this diagram, its algorithm will itself choose to allocate a larger budget to a set of ads that brings better results (or whose potential for conversions is higher) and avoid spending your budget on sets of ads for which there are fewer conversion opportunities. All of these optimizations are done in real time. Spend for each set of ads therefore varies from day to day depending on many metrics such as auction competition and who is active on Facebook at a specific time across the Facebook family of apps.

This does not prevent you from having to refresh your advertisements regularly, especially in remarketing! 3) Fight advertising fatigue by expanding your audience Sometimes advertising fatigue can be the result of too fine (restricted) targeting. As a Brazil Email List result, you quickly saturate your audience because the number of people you can reach with your budget is limited. That’s why you should expand audiences that offered you conversions but are running out of steam due to ad fatigue. As seen previously, depending on the temperature of the traffic, you will expand your audiences differently. For cold targeting (similar audiences and interests), you can try to grow your audience if you feel they are running out of steam. It is therefore a question of increasing the size of the audience, without changing the source.

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The temperature of the traffic

Most often, you will see a introductory offer (the first pack at $ 5), but also quizzes that aim to capture your contact information and then sell you starters pack at $ 5 … The simple fact of changing the products you are promoting or your collection also constitutes a change of offer. This is also why brands like Sézane constantly show you different pieces from their new collection. Until recently, I was amazed when I saw this HelloFresh ad. 50 € offered for my first box! Rarely have I seen such great offers, and I have no recollection of HelloFresh having made such great offers before (I might be wrong). Several times, I clicked on these ads to find out more about the offer… and yet, it had been months since I had seen their ads pass through my Facebook news feed.

The goal was to identify the most profitable audiences (sets of ads) and move up a gear by increasing the budget. The problem with this method is that it took you time to set up and manage day to day. You spent more time increasing and decreasing your budgets and (re) launching audiences than focusing on the essential: your strategy and your advertising . Good news, you never have to do this again . The Facebook advertising game has changed and I am writing this article to let you know that there are new rules you can implement now to get much bigger results on your campaigns while spending less time on them . It’s not just my promise, but Facebook’s as well.

You spent more time increasing

However, the algorithm seeks at all times to obtain conversions (purchases, prospects, registrations, etc.) at the lowest cost. Plus, if you’re in e-commerce, you know that someone can click on your ad and buy 3 days later. The result is that you end up “guessing” which audience performs best and allocating most of your budget to that audience, when other audiences might perform better afterwards. To achieve this, you would run numerous campaigns that included dozens of ad sets filled with ads. Worse yet, if you are a cautious advertiser, you end up setting an equivalent budget for each audience. It is moreover by showing this equivalent allocation of the budget between 3 sets of advertisements (audiences) that Facebook explains the interest of optimizing the campaign budget for advertisers.

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