As he explains, the artificial intelligence machine learning behind Facebook’s algorithm works best on large audiences. By having less restricted targeting, you give the algorithm more data to work with, allowing it to find conversions at lower costs. For conversion campaigns with a purchase or value objective, the AI is able to detect the purchase intention on very large numbers. You should therefore avoid restricting targeting with too many areas of interest or similar audiences that are too small in size. Facebook also recommends broad targeting , without interests, for catalog sales campaigns. I’ve done the test on my clients’ campaigns over the past few months and see the results for yourself.

Without buying them, read this article How to Get More Facebook Fans Without Buying Them . Myth 4 laser target your audience If you do your research on the internet, you will find dozens of videos and articles on Estonia Phone Numbers List targeting Facebook ads. After all, thanks to the data Facebook has access to about its users, the precision with which you can define an audience is nothing short of amazing. With a few clicks, you can target married men aged 20 to 45, who live in Paris and like the Airbnb Facebook page. 27,000 people meet these criteria! When you think about it, it’s just great that you can target with such precision. Logically, if your ideal client really matches such elaborate criteria , it might be interesting to define your audience with such a level of precision.


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If you still think promoting your Facebook Page is a good idea anyway, that’s okay. Nothing prevents you from investing a few dollars every day to promote your Page. It just doesn’t have to become the heart of your Facebook marketing strategy . After all, just because a Facebook user just liked your Facebook Page doesn’t mean they’ll suddenly be more likely to buy from you! In addition, the organic reach of Facebook Pages is decreasing year after year and don’t expect it to go back one day, which means that you will always have to pay more to reach your new fans Your New Reality The return on investment from likes campaigns is practically nil. Rather than spending your marketing budget on fan acquisition, run campaigns that are aligned with your business goals like customer acquisition, lead generation or app installation!

The first audience is a similar audience which represents the 10% of French women who most resemble the company’s customers. This audience already has 3,500,000 people. For the second audience, I chose to target all French women aged 30 to 55 interested in online shopping, i.e. an audience of 7 million. It seems crazy to have such large audiences . Yes, but take a good look at the results. The costs per purchase are lower for the second audience and the return on investment is twice as high for the largest audience… Of course, I’m not saying that you should only work with audiences that include several million people! Instead, I recommend that you target a minimum of 300,000 people for your conversion campaigns and test a larger audience of 1 million people to see if the results are better.

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This way, your audience only includes people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, but not those who are most likely to click and convert . Although Facebook offers incredible targeting possibilities, the platform also has an incredibly smart algorithm to find, for you, people with a high conversion probability buy, fill out a form, etc.. The algorithm also learns from people who click on your ads and convert on your site. You understand that by having too tight targeting, the algorithm doesn’t have enough data to work with and may even get stuck to find the people most likely to click and convert at the lowest cost. These are also the conclusions of Jérémy Bendayan , co-founder of the Adsvisers agency and expert in online customer acquisition, in a video that made the buzz on LinkedIn.

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