I recognize that it’s never easy to hit the Delete button, but I know that’s how I will continue to be viewed favorably by Gmail and other email service providers. And there is one last thing I learned about unsubscribes. Over time, you will notice more and more unsubscribes and slight unsubscribe complaints as your email list grows. This is perfectly normal. The majority of unsubscribes mean I’m not interested or now is not the time. They also tell you that your emails are polarizing enough that there are people out there who think your content is just not made for them. And it’s much better that way. A normal churn rate is between 0.2 and 0.5% . Personally, I have rarely observed a rate higher than 0.5%, even for my most polarizing or selling emails!

I don’t think so either! The second email subject line is curiosity-based and that’s why it works better than the first. You may be familiar with the curiosity gap, a cognitive bias that is defined as the disparity between what we know and what we don’t know. Our brain then wants to bridge the gap between what we know and what we don’t know… And that prompts us to Montserrat Email List click or open the email in this case. The lesson to be learned is that the subject of your email is extremely important because it is he who will encourage the person to read your email. Most of my email subject lines are based directly on curiosity. Find out for yourself the kind of objects I write for my emails The most important page of a website and what it contains.

Montserrat Email List
Montserrat Email List

The majority of unsubscribes mean I’m not interested

When I can make a direct link between the content of my email and the content of my next email, I will directly teaser my next email towards the end of my email. Here is an example A tip highlight in bold only what you want to teaser Use a PS Most of us scroll directly to the end of the email because we know the added value is at the end of the email… or the clickable link. This is why the PS of an email is often seen and read! As you can see, the PS for this email is short and indirect. I’m talking about an amazing truth about buying likes on Facebook, without giving it away. And I know my readers wrongly think buying fans with Facebook advertising is a good idea.

Often times you will educate through a story, a series of lessons and advice. The third and final part of your email is intended to trigger an action a click or a response. Remember that for each email, you should have a single call to action Take the example of one of my weekly Newsletters. The subject of the email and the catchphrase capture attention. Their only goal is for the reader to open my email and start reading the first few lines. By claiming that I have written about 150 blog posts and almost a thousand social media posts, I want him to say to himself Wow, this email looks really interesting to me! I want to continue reading to know what I will get out of it .

That prompts us to click or open

Most autoresponders like Active Campaign or MailChimp do not offer a cleaning service for your email list. After all, it’s not in their best interest that you have fewer contacts with them, or you’ll pay a lower flat fee. You must therefore manually sort in your mailbox. On Active Campaign, I sort through the segments. Concretely, I create a segment that includes all the people who have not opened my emails for a while AND registered more than a month ago. I am also careful to exclude my clients so as not to remove them from my autoresponder or unsubscribe them from my master list by accident! After clicking on the view contacts button, I can very easily unsubscribe from my main email list all those who no longer open my emails.

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