In some ways yes. In some ways, no. The number of likes on a page and the availability of published content, or reach , are directly related. In the case of one of our partners, the number of likes on a page doubled, and the organic reach almost tripled. Increasing organic reach is just like boosting paid advertising. So like is important. Also watch the facebook live video on this Greece Phone Number List topic. 2. When is like not important? Do businesses that want to promote their business on social media need to buy a facebook page ? Where to buy? Is a common question we are asked. Our answer is no need to buy. This is because your page is not a gathering of countless likes , but a group of people who are more likely to be interested in your product or service and make a purchase .

Is It Important to Have Many Likes on Your Facebook

For example, what if the pages of a b2b business that provides social media marketing. Services like ours are crowded with hundreds of thousands of people. Who are not interested in doing business at all, but want to watch movies and videos and read jokes. We have produced a lot of interesting marketing content, but it will not meet the needs and desires of the Greece Phone Number  people. Who follow our page, so our time, labor, and money will be wasted. Therefore, if you want to turn not only facebook pages but also social media. Platforms into marketing channels, it is beneficial to open and develop new ones to create a target group. Related articles social media marketing trends that marketers must pay attention to in 2019. Facebook marketing how to build loyal users and grow your business.

Why Does the Number of Likes on a Facebook Page

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Why does the number of likes on a facebook page decrease? We publish weekly reports on the social channels of our partner organizations. It is observed that all the pages are done to a greater or lesser extent each week . It’s not a pity if  Greece Phone Number List you don’t do it in large numbers . This is because not everyone who likes your page will be your target user. They have joined you through various channels. People who aren’t really interested in your service and don’t want to see the content you’ve created will stand out and help you get the information you need when you need it. But being very different is certainly not very pleasant.

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