Of course, I’m thinking of you choosing the exit-intent options so that the pop-up is triggered only when you try to leave my site. In the market, there are also dozens of paid solutions for creating pop-ups. As you can imagine, I tested several and it was difficult to choose between Thrive Leads, Optin Monster, Bloom and Hellobar. Clearly, if I had to pick one, it would be Hellobar ! Why ? Because it is at the same time simple, complete and the design of the pop-ups is rather successful! The price-performance ratio remains more interesting than Optin Monster which can quickly become expensive. I quickly show you the features of Hellobar. For now, Hellobar allows you to achieve different conversion goals such as Email collection Telephone contacts Send traffic to your social networks Send traffic to a target URL Make a simple announcement.

Then you have the choice between the horizontal bar, the pop-up, the slider, etc. Finally, you can choose the design you like the most, whatever option you have chosen! All these templates are infinitely customizable, but you will have to spend a Russia WhatsApp Number List little time there Hellobar exists as a free but limited version and the first paid plan starts at $ 29 month.Producing content is a never-ending task. You know this is important to your business person, but still feel compelled to produce new one. After all, it’s social media that wants it. Even if a content is indexable on Google or YouTube, Internet users want to consume new content. On social media, the lifespan of content is so short that you yourself have to post new content to stay on people’s minds.

What if I told you that you could post more content

That you could post more content without necessarily producing anything new? It sounds counterintuitive and yet every seasoned content creator you know already does . The benefits of this content reuse strategy are greater than you might think. The first is of course the increased visibility since you post more. More visibility means that more Internet users will discover you and think of you the day they need to afford the solution you offer. The second is that you will be omnipresent . In addition to being more visible, people who already know you or have just discovered you will have the impression that you are everywhere. This is the BIG benefit of omnichannel marketing that I have told you about several times this year! In short, omnichannel marketing is about being wherever your potential customers are.

It takes an average of 7 points of contact before a complete stranger becomes a customer with you. You can’t depend on one platform to get these 7 touchpoints. For example, your ideal customer might need to read a few blog posts, read customer reviews on your site, and be exposed to retargeting ads on Facebook multiple times before they decide to buy from you. This is why omnichannel marketing is needed today. To be successful, you need to play on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, IGTV, etc. The problem is that it takes time and resources human, financial. In this article, I’ll show you how to spend as little time as possible on it by showing you how to intelligently reuse existing content.

Without necessarily producing anything new?

People who follow you won’t even notice that you are reusing your own content and will have that feeling that you are always producing new content 1 Repost a blog post or part of it on LinkedIn or Medium With respectively more than 500 million users and 60 million active users each month , LinkedIn and Medium are platforms where life is good. The competition is not as big as on Facebook and Instagram. Above all, the users who go there are professionals who are eager to learn. If you write educational blog posts like this one yourself, you have to repost them on these 2 platforms. Medium allows you to post articles very easily. This is ideal if you don’t have a website and want to build an audience. LinkedIn also allows this with LinkedIn Publishing. Don’t worry about duplicate content.

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