I then look for a way to reduce the risk, or even completely reverse it (shifting the risk from the buyer to the seller). In the case of a cart abandonment campaign, I generally follow up with prospects with a very clear highlight of the delivery and return conditions. The fact of offering delivery and returns greatly reduces the uncertainty for the buyer … After all, if the product does not please him, he can always return it free of charge. Guarantees have the same effect on the consumer when they are well communicated. Rather than offering the most classic 30-day “satisfied or refunded” guarantee, Emma Matelas is so confident in its product that you can test the “best Belgian mattress” for 100 nights without risk.

Here is a good guarantee! Also remember that it is not only the offer that is important, but also the way to communicate it. Secret # 3: Users don’t trust you My third and final Facebook advertising secret is this: Users don’t trust you or your ads, so you need to Estonia Email List act on it. As you have seen, overwhelming emotions and offers are essential for attracting attention and prompting action. In marketing, it is said that in order to sell to someone, it is necessary to gain their attention and trust. It’s hard enough to get the person’s attention in a noisy world like ours. Getting her confidence may be even harder. Luckily, there are ways to gain the trust of your target audience as always .

Estonia Email List
Estonia Email List

Users don’t trust you or your ads

I actually thought about it a bit before writing this last part and found 3. Let me share them with you. 1) disguise your advertising The first is to simply disguise your ad as a regular post. Users log onto Facebook to see what their friends and family are up to, not to shop! I learned this on my own two years ago. When I was working on Ubeeqo’s Facebook ad campaigns , I noticed one thing: all of our ads were ultra-commercial. It felt that our advertisements were not to the liking of the users. Ad quality scores were average, engagement was low, and the cost of acquisition was therefore higher than it should be. It was there that I understood that we had to change the way we write our advertisements.

Instead of loudly proclaiming the offer, I thought about writing an engaging text with a touch of humor, and then talking gently about the offer (much like an invitation). And it worked. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the results, but I can tell you that just writing friendlier hooks improved overall ad engagement . I found a very good example to illustrate my point. As you can see, this ad is written in the first person. Gretta starts by greeting me and then tells me a story to sell me her program. I’m not interested, but that’s okay, I enjoyed the ad! I read it all the way through and I’m sure Facebook users less used to ads didn’t notice right away that it was an ad.

Facebook to see what their friends

To disguise your advertisements, I advise you to do like her: Write in a conversational tone (use “I” and “you”) Start by telling an anecdote (a few lines are enough) Ask a question Add emojis if it fits with the tone of your brand 2) Let your customers speak for you My second tip for gaining the trust of your audience is to create a video ad that highlights the successes or achievements of your customers. It could be a case study or a conversation you had with them. The important thing is that they tell, in complete transparency, the experience they have had using your product or service: The doubts they had at the start What they got out of it (should highlight the benefits of your product / service) How their life has changed.

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